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We aim to introduce furniture designs that compliment the soul of every home. In a way that our bespoke designs succeed in enriching the individualistic perspective of the people that dwell there.

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At Elevate and Elevate X, we take a step further and put our finesse to test by customizing each interior design to the likes of our customer. With every project our endeavour is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of an empty enclosure with our luxury furniture. We let a living space become an embodiment of the respective personalities that will dwell there.

Our inventory contains branded furniture designs for every corner of your living space. Our collection seamlessly integrates the vibrant essence of our global brand partners, while weaving in a medley of luxury, modern furniture structure and art.

We don’t promise perfection without precision. As your one-stop-shop for modern furniture, we at Elevate and Elevate X, ensure that your home is anything but ordinary.


We confer immense value to heritage and legacies, while keeping in mind that bringing mesmerizing concepts alive also require intricate understanding of furniture design trends. Therefore, our luxury furniture originates from reputed global brands, which like fine wine, have matured through many decades of consistent brilliance.

Whether it is wardrobes, beds, dining tables or sofa sets, our every piece is unique. Our designers are fun, intrepid, qualified and talented. It sure does reflect in our work - be it the interior designing we do or the luxury furniture we sell. It's a congenial balance of grace and precision.

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