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Elevate aims to introduce modern furniture and interior design concepts that compliment the soul of every home. We want to showcase the translation of different living ideologies in a way that is aesthetically stunning. We want to start a journey wherein the endeavour of every element in our inventory is to integrate with any type of architecture it meets and to blend in the aura of the people that live there.

Beauty is beyond what meets the eyes. It is a motto we firmly stand by. It stems from painstaking precision, developed by a thorough understanding of ergonomics and careful attention to the intricacies of design. We don’t promise perfection without precision.

As your one-stop-shop for modern furniture, we at Elevate, ensure that your home is anything but ordinary.

elevatex logo

At Elevate X, we take a step further and put our finesse to test by customizing each concept to the likes of our customer. With every project, our endeavour is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of an empty enclosure. We let their living space become an embodiment of their respective personalities. Our exclusive range of luxury furniture and decor is sourced from globally acclaimed brands and renowned international designers.

Our inventory contains furniture designs for every corner of your living space. Our collection seamlessly integrates the vibrant essence of our global brand partners, while weaving in a medley of luxury, modern structure and art.

It is definitely the luxury you need and deserve.

Luxury Furniture Stores In Hyderabad

Individual Furniture Designs

Globally acclaimed assortment of products like, sofas, beds, from renowned brands, bound to set your heart racing.

Modular Furniture

Exclusive products from Blau - an international furniture brand developed with German precision technology and Italian designs with more than 1 million digitally simulated structures.

Turnkey Projects

We have provided end-to-end design initiatives to enhance the beauty of any architecture.


Flawless MEP, internal civil projects, doors, ceiling, flooring, woodwork, wall finishes, furniture etc.


Internal civil projects, doors, ceilings, flooring, woodwork, wall finishes, furniture and completion, including soft furnishing

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