6 Marvelous tips to remodel your kitchen better

Homeowners spend more money on remodeling their kitchen than any other home improvement project. Make sure remodel kitchen turns out to be as rewarding if not more, than what you expected.

Remodel Kitchen

Plan and then Plan some more

Planning out the remodeling of your kitchen, should actually take up more time than the construction. Be sure of your planned model, so you don’t change your mind once the work commences. Here are some key points to keep in mind when you map out your plan.

  • Study your existing kitchen thoroughly
  • Design with ergonomics in mind
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help

Stay true to the Source – remodel Kitchen

If possible keep water fixtures, walls and electrical outlets in the same place. Nothing will drive up the cost of your modular kitchen faster than changing the location of pipelines and outlets. This is usually where unforeseen problems occur. Not only will you save on demolition and reconstruction costs but also lower the amount of debris and dust collected.

Measure Quality

Your top concerns should always be functionality and durability during remodel kitchen. Maintain the same quality with all the appliances and pieces you select. Solid surface countertops may cost a bit more, but will look great, and look great for a long time. Be sure to use topnotch materials and equipment when remodeling your kitchen, to gain an appeal of finesse and precision.

Appliances that can be applied

Don’t get carried away with expensive and grand appliances. Pick out appliances that fit your cooking needs and lifestyle, you don’t want anything laying in a corner and just collecting dust. Your kitchen remodel shouldn’t be focused on cooking tools and utensils, instead pay attention to long term features that will add in value such as kitchen design aspects and cabinets. Select appliances that matter to you as a cook, think as a home cook not a gourmet chef.

Focus on storage not space

Don’t forget about the storage capacity as you try to maximize on space. The functionality and performance value of a modular kitchen is highly dependent on its storage capacity. Install cabinets that reach the ceiling, they might cost a bit more but will help you gain additional storage space. Also you won’t have to worry about dusting cabinet tops. Add hooks wherever you can, so you can hang oven mitts and aprons. You can also install rolling shelves or a ceiling-mounted rack.

Light up the mood of your Modular Kitchen

Never underestimate the power of lighting; not only can it make your modular kitchen look brighter, but also bigger than it actually is. You should have two different types of lighting in the kitchen, task focused and ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is a must; plan at least two fixtures per task area to eliminate shadows. Pendant lights are great for islands and other counters. Wall sconces and track lights can lift the vibe of your Remodel kitchen. Include dimmer switches to control the intensity and to set the mood.