Leather Sofa Vs Fabric Sofa – Style your Living room

Let’s all admit, that the first decision to take while buying a sofa is to choose between Leather and Fabric. Being a brand that deals with sofas, we have seen many customers being confused on this aspect. With this blog, we wish to cover some of the essential elements, and the pros & cons of both Leather and fabric.

Sofas are the most integral part of our lives. From the moment we wake up, till the moment we sleep, (not to mention sleeping on the sofa) we tend to use them all day. For such important furniture, there should be a valid screening process before making the bill, which is why we’re here to help.


Leather Sofa


Let’s jump into the Pros & Cons of Leather sofas.



  1. The easy maintain type-
    Our busy lives do snatch away our time to maintain our belongings. If you’re looking for something easier to maintain, leather sofas are your go-to pieces. They can be brought back to their original grandeur with a little moisturising and wipe. City life can be dusty, and if you stay in a neighbourhood with lots of dust, a Leather Sofa is what you should consider. With regular moisturising, the leather remains young forever.
  2.  The Live-Long type-
    Leather sofas are specifically known for their lifespan. Compared to fabric sofas, Leather sofas keep their shape and tone to be the same for many years. Their natural ageing process might make them look a little different. But they get better with time. The average life of a good quality Leather sofa is rounded to atleast a decade. In furniture years, that’s pretty long. Talking about the quality, we provide Sofas or Couches with top-quality leather. Once bought, you don’t need to look back for decades.
  3. Stains aren’t a problem-
    If you have kids at home, the choice between leather and fabric becomes one-sided. Comparatively, leather is more stain-proof and resistant than a fabric sofa. So, you can let your kids take over the Sofa.
  4. The Healthy type-
    One of the most significant advantages of Leather is that it is hypoallergenic. Meaning, it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Leather sofas won’t hold on to pet dander and hair either.


  1. Pets could be a problem-
    Relax, we only meant for unruly pets. But, if your pet is trained, you can opt for a Leather sofa. One disadvantage is that any scratch on leather could hamper it. Genuine leather, however, can withstand harshness. But if it does get a big scratch or tear, you’ll need to replace the whole thing.
  2. Cold in winter and hot in summer-
    Leather will always reflect the temperature of the room. So, if the room is cold, the sofa feels cold to touch. One can counter it by throwing a blanket to keep it warm. On a sunny day, the surface gets heated up causing you to sweat.

FABRIC SOFA- Pros & Cons


  1. Vast options-
    Fabric Sofas come in vast options of colours and patterns, which makes it easier to fit a specific lifestyle and atmosphere.
  2. Easy repair-
    It sure comes as an advantage, especially when the household has kids or pets. If the fabric gets scratched or torn, fabric sofas give us the chance of getting them repaired, while leather sofas do not.


  1. High maintenance-
    If you’ve decided to buy a fabric sofa, you might need to plan your time for its maintenance. Unlike leather sofas, the fabric absorbs any liquid right in and leaves a stain over the surface. If there are kids around, you might need to be a bit careful.
  2. Life expectancy-
    Fabric sofas have lower life than Leather sofas. If considered with pets and kids around, it’s challenging to maintain. They quickly catch hair and need a rigorous vacuum to remove them.


When it comes to styling the ambience, both sofas have their advantages. While the fabric sofas come in vast varieties and patterns, it is relatively easier to match it to the room’s décor.

The patterns on fabric sofa might be out of the trend, but there’s nothing classier than a textured fabric sofa, coupled with patterned cushions. While the texture of the fabric gives volume to space, the colourful, patterned cushions give it a chic, yet elegant style.

Coming to leather, do not think they come in just 3-4 basic shades. These days, leather sofascome in all sorts of colours, so you can select the colour that compliments the walls.The thing with a leather sofa is that whether it’s your bedroom, the lounge, or the living room, it adds elegance and sophistication.

In the end, it always comes down to the look and purpose of the sofa. Picking the right furniture that adds comfort and elegance to our lifestyle is of utmost priority. If you need to browse our collection, click here.

We hope this blog post helps you decide on choosing between a Fabric and Leather sofa. If you still can’t make up a decision, feel free to visit our store for a realistic feel where we present you different setups of customizable spaces.

Modern TV units for Classy Bedrooms

Gone are the times when there are hardly any TV Units as the TVs were fit in the middle of the showcase with a little extra room inside the shelves. Today a TV unit is increasingly becoming as important as the TV itself for their multi-use. They are also grabbing eyes for their ultra modern looks without hooks.

A TV unit is famous for its smart living room presence. But now they are as much seen adorning many bedrooms these days. Smart TV units have now become the showstoppers in your bedrooms. They now draw instant attention of anyone who just entered the room.

There are quite a good number of Modern TV Units in the market given one’s needs and their bedroom space. It’s imperative to go for the one after doing some research both online and offline about various TV units of different shapes and styles. The following are some markers for you to figure out what type of TV units will not just stand out but suit your bedroom aesthetics to the tee.


Tv Units

The TV Unit stands that stand out

The various modern TV unit designs that fit into one’s bedroom spaces can be like the following:

Plasmatic TV Unit Design 

Thanks to the moving castors and shelves, the plasmatic glass TV unit is also very practical apart from being roomy yet revolving. It is made by the glass furniture specialists from Italy, Tonelli Design who is renowned for their innovative design that is quite robust. The TV unit has superb quality as well owing to the toughened safety glass. The glass makes it very self-supporting and stable.

Milano TV Units Design 

The overall idea of Milano’s TV unit design was to stress on lightness. The very structures are made the way they are so that every element is interconnected within the design. Usage of exquisite materials such as steel, tanned leather, metals and glass with a matte finish creates a highbrow elegance. To give more flexibility and luminosity, there’s a better finishing with the help of oak on the surfaces.

Vogue Plasma TV Unit

This Plasma T.V. unit has European curly eucalyptus in high glass polyester. This has a base with a number of big doors along with upper wooden unit and interior glass shelves. There are also fixed wooden shelves with LED light system alongside back panel in colored brown glass. It features base and handles in chrome stainless steel.

Swivel TV Cabinet 

These TV units add a modern appeal to the bed room. The minimalist design method makes this design be noticeable among other entertainment TV designs. It features a carousel which can be placed at any spot to achieve a best angle. Such TV units are good for Televisions that does not have revolving base or for people who like to support their speakers on the stand.

Cantilever TV Cabinet 

As a rule, this style of television cabinet have one or two doors and cover with glass panels in place of solid wood. The cantilever TV cabinet has an elongated cabinet at the pedestal. It also has a spine expanding upward to have room for flat screen televisions.

Futuristic Aesthetics with Ideally Picked Materials

TV stands in wooden and metal are the most admired choices as bedroom décor. While wooden TV stands have a time-honored aura, and present a rustic touch to your home, metal TV stands suit better in homes with a contemporary vibe. Oak finish in woods is a way to go if you want to carry on things classic while also keeping up with some modernity. Metal stands mainly come in powder or chrome finish and are a flawless match for halfway and current schemes.

This is the exquisiteness of the wall entertainment centers, as you don’t have to reflect on a gallery wall to cover up your TV.

Find the Right Type: A Premium Minimal Entertainment Unit That Is High On Function

Popular bedroom TV stands include corner TV stands, TV hutches and full-blown entertainment centre. You can opt for TV hutches, if you don’t want your bedroom décor to get overwhelmed by the TV, as the stand has doors to hide the TV and make it a less of a focal point. Corner TV stands are a first-class option if you are looking one for a small bedroom. Corner TV stands have a triangular edge, which makes it to fit into any corner of the room. The entertainment centers provide you with a generous storage for your AV devices, which is nice to have in cozy spaces, like your bedroom. They also come with excellent cable management system to keep the unruly wire mess at bay.

At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.


Study Table Designs for Stylish Homes!

Learning and studying is an integral part of one’s growth. However, this learning starts at home – a fact that surprises many. Home is a place not just for academic learning. One may learn anything if they put their heart into it. In this context, a study table naturally invites you to study ala a dining table that talks about eating. These tables can be placed in almost any room except kitchens or dining rooms.


Study Table designs


However, what makes the learning at a study table more fascinating and comfortable is the way the table is designed. Of course, when it comes to a study tables design it is the ergonomics that matter more than the aesthetics. Aesthetics can only enhance your interest to study near a study tables for more time but it is ergonomics which ensure you study every time at that table only on top of all other places and things.

Study Table Types

The idea of a study table is to create a convenient workspace, particularly in a home or a library. By choosing an appropriate computer/laptop table besides comfortable and ergonomic study/office chairs, you create a workspace of your own. Needless to say, a gorgeous bookshelf will complete your study set once you have finalized on the above items. Though, there are loads of listings for a study tables online, it still makes sense to read a blog or two about how to pick a nice and ergonomic study table design from the given lot that fulfills your need to study well and for long time.

Study Table designs for a studious person

A study tables once purchased can go on for many years. Hence, it is imperative to select a proper design that matches the studiousness in you devoid of any dubiousness.

Here are some of the best ergonomic study table designs in vogue today. These are not only comfortable but can even enhance the style quotient, for they are equally modern.

The Compact Study Table

This study table has a precise geometric design with a simple elegance to it given the restraint in its color. The economy in its design makes it easily fit into different spaces while still carrying the essence of modernity. You can also add more storage space with its wall-mounted shelves without going too heavy in its look and style.

The Classic Study Table

A classic study tables design that is delightfully easy on the eye. It is basically a light-coloured study tables with wood finishing that throws a mix of contemporary yet simple styling.  It is classified to be a classic table as the desk is equipped with handy drawers while the open shelves provide plenty of storage space for books, papers and related stuff. On the other side, it is also contemporary as it provides easy access. This type of structure fits nicely into a niche space. This makes it a cozy cum convenient work-from-home choice.

The Study Table for Multi-use

 Don’t you wish your study tables be placed beside an entertainment unit in the living room or bed room? If you are focused, it doesn’t matter how or where your study table is located. This is a multi-use study tables design that is perfect for your bedroom as it uses the wall fully with storage shelves along with some space to house your non-study materials like the home theatre system, books, articles, and more. Another stand-out feature of this design is its non-invasive style with neutral wood tones and clearly demarked lines that comply well with your living spaces. 

The Office at Home Study Table 

 Many of us tend to bring work to home, even we like it or not. This prompts to create a mini-office setting in our premises and naturally a study table fits well into this picture. Sporting a style that’s predominantly space-saving minimalist, the home office study tables has storage space aplenty. It also has all the needed shelves and drawers as well as a cupboard. Simply put, this little home-office won’t invade your personal space as it segregates your work life in a separate zone.

The Asymmetrically Colourful Study Table

Making a bold style statement with its quirky touch of colours, this design keeps the unit functional while being eye-catchy. The reason it is high on style statement is because of the contrasting colours with your existing room furniture. The minimalistic design along with the colorful asymmetry not only lends style to this study tables, but keeps it from getting really heavy.


We hope this blog unfogs your mind.  As it gives you an idea about the distinct designs of a study table and how they can change your bedroom for the better. All the above-mentioned models from various international boutique brands can be available at Elevate and Elevate X showrooms.


Modern Bed Designs for your Stylish Bedroom

Be it in modern times or ancient times, Bedroom has always been that one special place which sets it apart from the other rooms in a house. Everyone sees their home to be a nice, relaxing place. Particularly, the bedroom is the only place that sets the tone, by and large, for your relaxation and rejuvenation. Anyone would love to keep their bedroom unique and special. Besides they also maintain it neat and try to keep it cool always. Of course, furniture is what which lends its own unique touch here in making your bedroom look way cooler and chicer. One can choose a range of modern bed designs from the Italian styled Furniture Products like the Elevate. Customers can handpick these designs that are in line with their taste and needs.

Modern bed designs

Select one of the Modern Bed Designs of your taste!

Can you give your bedroom that artistic and elegant touch with that finely crafted modern beds sporting designs of your taste? Exactly yes. Today’s modern furniture stores make it very much possible and feasible that you cannot leave your bedroom even after a sound sleep at night. Such is the finesse and décor that these modern bed designs come bedecked with!

Presenting here are some of the outstanding bed design ideas that make your bedroom look equally luxurious and stylish. The bed design that you choose will customize your sleep experience to an altogether different level, the one that you had never experienced before.

The soothingly warm Silk Bed

This type of bed is for those who love to have sweet dreams as they enjoy their sleep. With a unique headboard that features six diverse sections imbued with subtle architectural detailing, a silk bed is a modern platform bed at its core. A warm and soothing atmosphere is created as the ambient light makes its way through the headboard. There’s a timeless and refined appeal to the bed. Especially, given the way the bed and the headboard are crafted with the masterly design. 

The simple and cozy Evelyn Bed

With an entirely upholstered frame and headboard design, this bed is helpful in creating a contemporary and cozy yet simple bedroom setting. Simply put, one can rest easily on a modern Evelyn bed that is also available in various upholstery finishes. In turn, this allows one to sleep in style and comfort with the right finishing. 

The verily Classic Alpine Bed design 

 An instant classic that draws inspiration from classic sport gear like vintage tennis rackets is the durable and adorable Alpine bed. It is a magnificent modern bed which comprises 16 layers of North American maple hardwood together with a veneer. Overall, it’s a stalwart bed with amazing durability as it has fewer pieces with no major woodwork in weight-bearing areas. 

The Extraordinary Nelson Bed design 

 This modern bed designs is not something that everyday folks can ignore, at least. It is one such rare bed design that smoothly combines both the chic and fresh elements to stylize a bed. The headboard gives an impression of how the originality of contemporary design enters the picture. The headboard here integrates both materials of wood and leather, the contrast of which makes it a special, one-of-a-kind bed for you to sleep well.

The 8 Roomy Storage Platform Bed

This storage Platform Bed is a definition of the perfect marriage between form and function. It is 8 roomy with rolling drawers beneath the beautifully finished cum low laying walnut platform made of solid wood. This helps one to cut back clutter in the bedroom with a true minimalist aesthetic. As refined as it is understated, this modern bed has no extra additions or extraneous parts.

The unconventional Air Platform Bed

The Air platform bed is well defined by its offset headboard and avant-garde design. It has neat, geometrical lines that blend seamlessly with the warmth of oak wood veneer. Another eccentric feature about this bed is that the headboard extends itself beyond the bed width. Thus, it helps to create a great backdrop for your bedroom.

The Airy Trama Twist Bed design 

 Giving a light and airy feel with a touch of warmth, the Trama Twist bed will undeniably lure you into a world of lovely dreams. Uniquely designed with a luxurious, leather headboard and a bare frame, this bed embeds comfort and simplicity. This creates overall inviting and warm environs in one’s bedroom.

The so-badly Nice-looking Nook Bed

 Anybody can bet on this seriously good-looking bed, which is endowed with a curved, upholstered headboard that flows into a slim frame. The Nook bed is so stylish that one may not want to switch off their lights and go to sleep. It is a design that can sport in a variety of colors for one to choose.

The sleek & stylish Monroe Bed 

 Featuring clean lines with a well-designed footboard base, the Monroe bed has a rich Walnut veneer finishing. It lends the bed durability by delivering remarkable tranquility to any type of bedroom space.


We hope this blog unfogs your mind.  As it gives you an idea about the distinct modern bed designs and how they can change your bedroom for the better. All the above-mentioned models from various international boutique brands can be available at Elevate and Elevate X showrooms.





Dining room furniture – Unique and Modern Dining Table designs!

The unbelievable stress from our busy lives always tends to vanish when a home cooked meal is shared at you dining table with your loved ones. Yes, your dining room furniture also plays a crucial role in bringing all the family members together for this purpose. All thanks to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. They were the ones who gave birth to the earliest models with various dining table designs.


Dining table designs


Dining rooms are where our families gather around and come together to talk about their day, relieve their stress. Sounds like a big deal right! This is the reason why products at Elevate are all about precision.

An ideal dining table provides comfort along with a design that enhances your decor. But most importantly it should fit your style well. Doesn’t matter if your family is small or large, find designs that complement both your comfort and interiors.

Dining tables serve various roles in a different household. In some homes, dining room is an area to ‘catch-up’ where a friendly chit-chat with your buddies takes place. In some houses, it can be an aesthetic asset. No matter what you need the dining room for, it is believed to be the “Atrium” of your home.  

There are a variety of options that can be considered when it comes to modern dining table designs. Their shapes, sizes, and colours all affect the ambience that you are looking to create.  


Fact – Did you know that dining sets available in the first half of the 1900’s were manufactured as a “9-piece dining room set”? Fascinating right! Compared to the minimalist 5-piece dining tables in the market right now.


As times change, there are many types of dining tables designs that have also evolved to compliment the growing cosmopolitan vibe. If you are planning to change your dining table, consider the following dining table designs while picking up one for your place.


When your food is good, your surroundings must be better!


For the right visual impact.

When someone walks in your space, your decor catches their eye first. The interiors tell a lot more about you than you can imagine. They are essentially a reflection of your soul. Therefore, it’s always wise to be careful when it comes to adding something as important as a dining table in to your space.


You can put together a pleasing aesthetics for your home with the following designs options –

  • A sophisticated solution for dining table designs 

If you are not a big fan of a tablecloth (actually it brings quite a lot of work along with it)- a bare wooden table could lift up the interiors and also add a fancy touch to your interiors.

You know what looks the best when paired with these tables? Plush cushioned chairs! This set-up has topped the charts when it comes to trends in the market in the past decade.

  • Put the bench on one side

If you are a firm follower of modular trends then these type of dining table designs are apt for you. With chairs on opposite side, three chairs on one side and a bench on the other, this dining table definitely adds the chic element to your dining room. The surrounding interiors can be kept simplistic so as to enhance its subtle charm.

  • The Bohemian magic

You can never go wrong with the Boho feel! When it comes to dining room furniture you can mix it up a little with vibrant bohemian vibes. Multi-coloured, mismatched chair designs might not sound classy, but this look is to die for.

Such dining room furniture lightens the mood instantly. It also infuses a fresh energy of youth in to your interiors. If you talk about modern dining tables then these designs top the list. When paired with a wooden chair, your place will look no less than Bohemian art.

  • Gather around the “Glassy” beauty

A glass table is the most flexible piece of interior accessory that you can get your hands on. Glass tables readily blend in with your interiors no matter what colour your surrounding is. And glass tables are back in trends and how!

You can go with bright and crisp colours. If you want to go bold put large cushion chairs next to it and can throw in some colours as well. This type of modern dining table adds a space illusion (You know the things can be reflected in a glass and then it ….ya you know)


We hope that we have unfogged your mind by giving you an idea about distinct designs and how they can change your home for the better. All the above mentioned models from various international boutique brands are available at Elevate and Elevate X showrooms.

With these tips mentioned above your dining room furniture will definitely leave your guests in awe! Time to add the artistry of these  modern dining table to your home today!

Expand Your Storage Space with Classy L-Shaped Wardrobe Designs

You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once”. Relatable, isn’t it? Storage and space are the two things we look for in everything, be it, a house, a phone, a relationship, and so many other things. It is funny, how even a mansion can lack space after a time.

The struggle only gets real when it comes to our wardrobes. They say owning too many clothes or accessories can turn into a bad habit, well, we say its the other way round. Owning a wardrobe that doesn’t fit your standards and neither the clothes or accessories is a big time loss.

No space for our favourite and loved branded products, losing out on accessories and finding our clothes crumpled when we need to hurry up – Sounds like a very bad beginning of a story, doesn’t it?


Ever wondered, what’s the best and the easiest solution to our storage problems? Well, we won’t give it away so easily. Read on to find out for yourself.


Fact – According to a study conducted by Marks & Spencers,  1 in 5 (21 per cent) women confess that ‘wardrobe rage’ has caused them to row with their partner.

Leading fashion stylists to state that a carefully curated wardrobe is the answer.


The Invention of The “Wonderful Wardrobes”

Let us introduce you all to a very helpful thing called, a wardrobe. The word wardrobe appeared in the English language in the early 14th century. It originated from Old French words “warderobe”, “wardereube” and “garderobe”, in which “warder” meant “to keep, to guard” and “robe” meant “garment”.


The Past

The earliest wardrobe was a chest and was initially used only to store clothes. Previously called “armoire” was not considered a luxury piece of furniture until these were used in palaces and castles that were owned by great nobles.


The Present

Today, as the topic speaks for itself, a wardrobe is of high importance and it is a necessity for everyone living a modern lifestyle. Not only is it required to store clothes, but it is also essential to have access to showcase our clothes the way we want. It also adds to our ambience and matches up to the lifestyle we all live.


Diverse Avatars of Wardrobes

Unlike the past, we have wardrobes manufacturing in different shapes, styles, designs, and choices to cater to our own preferences the way we would want to.


The “Open” Wardrobes

Pretty true to its name, an open wardrobe is owned by a large number of people today. These designs come with hinges that are easily accessible and have a secure lock system. Space organization is not a problem we’d face with such a wardrobe, but we would definitely have trouble showcasing the branded products that must be flaunted.


The “Walk in” Wardrobes

Whoever named these, was very sure about the designs. These wardrobes are the ultimate luxury goals and come in various styles, allowing us all to perfectly showcase each and every product we own with pride. A huge plus point for everyone who loves fashion is that we can have a whole room dedicated to clothes and accessories and walk into it whenever we want to.


The “Free Standing” Wardrobes

The classic always remains the classic. The traditional style of wardrobes, which are easily portable from one room to another. These are usually made out of metal or wood. Though these wardrobes are still used by most of our older and current generation, these have been proven to run short of space very quickly.


Luxury that comes in “L” Shape

Here comes, the show stopper. The “L” shaped wardrobe designs. Wondering why they’re worth it all? Stay with us and keep scrolling to find out!

1.Amazingly Aesthetic

L shaped wardrobes give us the full liberty to flaunt our ideas and bring the dreams of owning a lavish wardrobe to reality. The customization of our own wardrobe isn’t limited to just the exterior appearance but we also get the chance to have the interiors designed according to our own wish. Great, isn’t it?

2. Fashionably Flexible

No compromising on fashion choices, yes, you heard us right. L shaped wardrobes are made to accommodate any kind of room features. So, set your heart freely on anything you love and let go of the worries of fitting a wardrobe in your favourite room.

3. Superiorly Spacious

Many of us want our wardrobes in a particular corner of the room, and often wonder “will it even fit?”. Well, we know its too good to be true, but yes, L shaped wardrobes fit into an awkward corner and though they are L shaped, they have more depth than most of the other regular wardrobes.


Fact It has also been noticed that one in ten regularly arriving late to work because of the time spent choosing their outfit for the day. The reason for this time spent deciding what to wear can be found in the fact that almost a third (29 per cent) of people feel that their wardrobe is a mess and 48 per cent confess that they need to declutter.


Voraciously Valuable

A great long-term tangible asset while you’re looking out for a good deal of money. The overall appeal of the wardrobe and the better interior will definitely be a deal breaker for the investors, and a good profit for us, after all.


L shape wardrobes can do wonders for your house and fit into your space perfectly. Want to get one? Take a look at our wardrobe designs at https://bit.ly/2z17PxL. Like something? Drop into our showroom, and experience the latest live concepts.

Best Italian Furniture for your Bedroom – Contemporary Beds

What makes Italy so special? All we can think about is planning a grand vacation there, isn’t it? Well, the list is way too long, so let us be brief about it. Italian food is definitely an easy guess, it tops off with the Pizza, the pasta and the Pastries. Then comes the iconic and the world’s strangest structure, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, Italian Renaissance Art, and then, of course, there is Italian furniture. Confused much? We’ll break it down for you.

Italian Furniture

Incredible Italian Art

Inhale creativity, exhale art. That is pretty much what this country does and has done for many bygone centuries now. How? Read on to know more!

Fact –

1.The Splendid Marks of Art

Italy is famous for its renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Donatello to name a few. These artists sum up the status of Italy when it comes to art between the 14th to 17th century A.D.

2.The “SMD”  Italian Furniture Factor

Italian furniture is widely accepted all over the world because of the attention to detail, precision, magnificence, and overall durability, and this fact acknowledged worldwide.

3.Nailing it The Good-Old Traditional Way

Since the beginning of the 14th century, Italian furniture has proven to be flamboyant and extraordinary with its old-fashioned drawings, paintings, sculptures and sketches that precisely showcase the finesse Roman architecture, sculpture.

4.Mixing Modern with Traditional

Italian furniture makers get their inspiration from the traditional Italian architectural outlines. With the dawn of modern designs, Italian furniture makers have created pieces that are adaptable and still carry the elegance of their roots.

5.Bed and Sleep “It’s Complicated”

Relationships can be really hard to handle, and the toughest is the relationship we all share with our beds. Nobody is really thrilled when it comes to putting a distance between them and their beds. Coming back home to our beds makes us all happy, but at nights, many of us have trouble having a sound sleep. Ever wondered, why?


Sleep is one of the most essential necessities for every human being. Sound sleep is the key to a successful and peaceful life. The room we sleep in plays a vital role in our sleeping routines. The bed, the atmosphere, the temperature and the lighting are some of the factors that deeply affect our mental health.


Fact – 20%-40% of all adults have insomnia during any year and sleep problems account for a large chunk of the annual health care bills worldwide.

What a “Bed Bargain”?

8 hours of sleep can be easily achieved because today we don’t just have the usual beds. We have numerous options to choose from, and these are some beds that could help you sleep better and improve the overall ambience of your room.

1.The “Slay” Sleigh Bed

This classic bed, inspired by the traditional styles comes with a distinctive arch-shaped headboard which brings out the curves of an actual sleigh, hence forming a “sleigh bed”.

These beds give a very quintessential atmosphere to the room. We have all wanted these, no wonder why.

2.The Outstanding Ottoman Bed

Space is never an issue with these beds. Traditionally called a divan bed, these are four-poster beds that definitely look amazing and regal, but they are more beneficial for everyone who could use some extra storage. 

3.The Charismatic Canopy Bed

As a child, we all had pyjama parties that ended with us telling stories to our friends inside a tent made out of bed sheets, isn’t it? Well, the canopy bed is the same kind of tent, but it is way more fancy and elegant. A four poster bed with a decorative fabric draped over the four posters is what describes these beds the best.

Why Italian Furniture?

The furniture from the land of artists only does justice to your house, in what ways? Find out!

1.Dauntless and Durable

Traditional yet modern, these beds last an eternity. They are easily portable and the materials they are made to make it easier for us to move them effortlessly. These beds provide a guarantee that our houses look beautiful and never need a fix.

2.Comfortable and Calm

Here comes the sleep factor, as sleep is essential for all of us, these beds are definitely the best go to. Built in the supervision of highly qualified artisans, these beds are ergonomically artistic.

3.Majestic and Modern

Of course, we all want our bedroom to look like a palace in itself. Guess what? These beds do make our bedrooms look majestic with the kind of ambience they bring in. Good ambience is made up of the things we love, and all of us definitely love our beds the most, don’t we?


There, you’ve reached the end now. Check out our bed designs at https://bit.ly/2qAvOPW. Tempted and excited to get one of these beauties? Try the  Elevate X showroom, now!

Tv Unit Designs – Smart Ways To Design Your Living Room

Ever walked into a room and felt a boost of happiness and awe? We’re sure everyone has. Ever wondered what the reason for it was? It is usually because of the way it is furnished and the aura of the room that leaves us awestruck. Right from the days in the Neolithic period, people have carved furniture into many designs, and now even the TVs come with TV unit designs. We all love the idea of having a luxurious house, but what we don’t realise is that a luxurious room is equivalent to having a room filled with furniture that fits our idea of luxury and of course, the house.

Now that we know, luxury can have various meanings, and we all have the ability to define luxury in our terms, let us discuss why a lavish living room drives us explicitly insane.

The reason behind the mutual love, we all share for living rooms.

What is it about that room, that all of us want to have a perfect living room?

The main “MAIN ROOM.”

Well, it is an easy guess. A well-furnished living room is definitely on the “judgement meter” of a house. Friends, family members, guests, everybody is welcomed and guided into the living room. It highly holds the capability of breaking or making your self-esteem and pride. We agree, do you?

The Memory Mania

A house is a perfect place to be ourselves and what better place to capture memories if not the living room? All the movie nights, family gatherings and birthday surprises are captures in this room. Make it more special with a well-equipped living room.

The Comfort Corner

A dull day at work will only get better with a zone that makes us feel incredibly comfortable. A living room is that spot where you feel at home and ease. With breathtaking artistry on board, you’ll feel like an aristocrat.

Visually beautiful surroundings and pleasing decor show improvement in the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of an individual.

premium tv unit


What’s a living room without a TV?

The living room is equal to movies and a good time. And what’s the best medium of entertainment?

A TV unit


What is a living room without a TV, and what’s a TV without a TV unit? The TV in a house is like a guest that everyone loves. Don’t you think, we must protect the TV from any possible accidents or make the TV feel good? One can renovate their living room with a quintessential piece of TV unit. Elevate presents an exceptional collection of TV unit designs that help figure out the best-suited TV unit for a house.

Suit your expectations with these TV unit designs


Thinking if a TV unit is a simple box that holds up the TV?

There is no lack of impressive and functional TV unit designs, with so many choices; we have the option of picking out the one that we think will go with the living room.


The furniture market is doing wonders; let us take you through a few types of TV unit designs that are currently popular in the market –

Open Shelf

Open shelf is one of the most ergonomic TV unit designs. This TV unit design is now trendy. It adds to the interiors of the room and is easy to set up. These designs are also the best choice if space is what one is looking.


A cabinet TV unit design is multifaceted artistry. These TV unit designs are one of the most bought living room furniture pieces. They turn a house into a masterpiece and allow us to have space for every favorite thing we own. These TV unit designs are multifunctional as they come with numerous cabinets, yet give a touch of finesse to the living room.


The furniture market has many TV unit designs. Glass, metal, leather, but wooden designs speak the language of exceptional grandeur fluently and do the magic of making a house look an ancient triumph. The colours and the utility give an edge to the wooden TV unit designs.

Floating TV Units

These TV unit designs are quite a few years old, but they still are in the market, making our living room look big and spacious. These TV unit designs usually have the TV wall mounted and contained shelving, allowing the floor and space to look clean and unobtrusive.


A metal TV unit design is very lightweight and is easy on the pockets. It is sturdy and has a slimmer profile compared to any other TV unit design. These designs have unique features and patterns and give away a very sophisticated look to a living room.


Glass TV unit designs are perfect for people who like their house clutter-free. Having glass TV units will bring out the interiors of the house very well, shifting the focus on the overall appearance of the room.


All of these TV unit designs have something in common; they all are in addition to a living room furniture and turn a house into a hub of pure magnificence. Give a living room the finishing touch it deserves with the TV unit designs available at Elevate X and makes memories beautiful than ever.

Center Table Designs Add Style To Your Modern Home

Ever had a caffeine emergency, made coffee, and searched for the perfect spot to savour the coffee in serenity? Well, for all the people who keep looking for the right place to eat and relax in peace, a center table is a must for you.

That is not the only reason a center table is a must, apart from serving as a perfect spot for your me time, it also has full capability of turning the dullest corner of the house into a masterpiece.

The question here is – why do we feel the need to have a luxurious house?

Everyone loves a well-decorated house, but why are modern homes on the rounds?

Why are modern houses desirable?

People buy luxury goods for a variety of reasons, all of which are related to the strong emotions that we attach to expensive material goods.

The overall atmosphere

Everyone’s dream as a kid has always been having a luxurious house, what can make a home look quintessential if not sophisticated pieces of furniture designs? Branded furniture and extravagant interiors refresh our houses with a beautiful aura.

Availability of options

With the world revolving at full speed and trends evolving every day, there are millions of options to choose. These trends are readily available everywhere on any social media platform, and of course, everyone tries to keep up with these trends. Everyone wants their house to look like a winner in the street, after all.

Uplifts self-esteem

With growing age comes the desire to have a huge house, right circle of close friends and a good lifestyle. Self-confidence and a good house are interlinked. A well-furnished apartment will automatically boost confidence in a person to flaunt their house to everyone without a second thought and bring home guests anytime.

The magic of a center table

Come in many sizes, usually preferred small, but of course, without a doubt, center table designs uplift the tone of a house. But what we often forget is that center tables have other benefits as well.

Fact: Any space needs a right balance of large, medium and small furniture.

Easy accessibility

There are many center table designs, some are small and only too add to the interiors, some are of right size and are more useful if one is looking for a center table that is both trendy and useful. These center table designs, irrespective of size allow us to have easy access to many of the things that we don’t find but need immediately.

The best place to have coffee and relax

Long weekend calls for some good time with close friends, warm coffee and delectable food. What better place to sit by the TV, watch a good romcom, gossip, and recall the lovely memories. A center table allows us to do all of that and have the best time, comfortably.

Fills up the empty corners

A house looks the best when it is well equipped. With the furniture market expanding by the day, it is easier to find furniture products for every corner of the house. Center tables are a smart way of keeping a house well furnished and having utility friendly furniture at the same time.

Types of center tables

Measure chill times in diverse center table designs, that’s right!


Wood is one of the most common materials used in the construction of furniture pieces. Center table designs made with wood give away a luxurious touch. As wood is a material that is vastly versatile, there are different center table designs readily available.


The glass is a material that is on the rounds right now, worldwide. Various designs are made using glass, and many people dig the idea of having glass furniture at home. Center table designs carved out of glass are perfect for houses that follow an authentic vibe.


Metal is the second most popular material that brands from the world over use for crafting furniture. It is lightweight, affordable and comes in unusual shapes. It can give a house a spacious look.


All around the world, Marble is a material that is liked by a significant population. Marble center table designs are unique. They’re heavy, but they make your house look more prominent, traditional and ethical.

Center tables are a good option for every house. These were some reasons as to why and how center table designs can add style to a home, effortlessly.


Living Room Furniture – A Summer Season Calls For Modern Furniture

A living room is where we deliver good news, have you realized that? From guests walking in with a box of sweet to friends barging in to surprise you on your birthday, a living rooms furniture holds a good amount of memories.

Living rooms, back in the day were pretty basic. A sofa set, a coffee table, and that is it. Today, our living rooms have become the most important room in our houses.

Living room






Our houses are bigger, better, efficiently furnished with some top notch living room furniture. Gone are the days, when living room furniture was confined to sofa sets. With the industrial revolution, we’ve seen everything change, from a piece of paper to our houses, and now living rooms furniture.

Having our living room look classy and chic is very important, isn’t it? It is the first thing that guests look at when they enter our house, so of course, our living room plays a very pivotal role. Doesn’t it?

Our parents love having our houses well decorated. How many times has your mother scoffed at you using her passive aggressive tone? Are you tired of hearing that? It is time for you to give your living room a makeover. Furnish your house with modern living rooms furniture. What better time than summer for it? Summer vacation calls for the perfect makeover of your living room.

Living room furniture is available everywhere in our country. Modern furniture in Hyderabad is easily found. There are some amazing online websites and offline stores that have some amazing living rooms furniture pieces.

Living Room Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes today.

Sofa – Living Room Furniture

Sofa is an essential part of every living room. Earlier, we had basic sofas, made out of wood and a pretty decent colour. Sofas now, are made out of various materials, and are colour coordinated with your house.


Sectionals resemble sofas, meant for multipurpose. Sectionals have extra seats, for people to sit. Next time you have guests at your house, you won’t have to search for places to sit.

Accent chairs

Accent chairs are a piece of furniture that is usually used only for making your room look better. An accent chair does a tremendous job of complimenting your room.

Coffee tables

The classic coffee tables, something’s are constant. Though, they’re not the same now. They’ve grown into some really sophisticated furniture pieces.


Recliners are sofas that let you relax, they support the back. Recliners are a piece of living rooms furniture that makes the room look classy.

TV stands

Every living room has a TV, and unlike the older times, where we had a box shaped stand for our TV’s, the TV stands today have changed. They are sleek and look elegant. A very unique piece of living rooms furniture.

Book cases

Are you a keen reader? Then book cases will make you really content. Book cases are fixed to the wall, and sometimes are sleek and are put on the wall.