Dining table- Tips to choose the perfect fit for your home

Dining tables are where family bonds together. If we ask, you can easily remember at least 10 memorable moments you had while dining. Be it a holiday, or an everyday breakfast, a dining table is where we make memories. That said, the first thing to keep in mind while selecting a dining table is to confirm that it stays fit for a longer time. The style of your dining table sets a standard and defines your taste as a person. So, let’s see how we can choose the perfect dining table for your home.

Size of the space:

Yes, it seems exciting to buy a new piece of furniture, but before going to explore the world of furniture, it’s better to get an idea of how much space you want your dining table to cover. So, take a tape, and get measuring your space. Decide on optimal space requirements so that it still leaves space to walk around the area and not make the place congested. A thumb rule to decide on the size depends on whether or not your home has a designated room for dining. If yes, go for a spacious one, else make sure you opt for relatively smaller ones.

Shape and design of the dining table:

The shape and design make the most of how the dining table adds value to your space. There are usually 4 types of shaped surfaces. Rectangle, Square, Circular, and Oval. Rectangle-shaped dining tables are the most common to find, and there are a vast number of models in the range. Square ones don’t take much space, which is most opted for homes with less number of people. Same applies to circular but takes more space than a square one because of the arrangement of chairs around it. Oval type dining tables go well with narrow spaces, where we can fit more people, and still leave space to walk around.

Dining table

Coming to the design of the table, a trestle design is sturdier, so this model is most opted by those who have more visitors. A pedestal shaped bottom is the one where only one leg extends from the surface. It is supported by 4 or 3 extended legs at the bottom. These are less stable than trestle, so is most commonly found in square and circular shaped tables. And there are legs based tables, which allow free leg space than the former 2 designs.

Selection based on style:

The selection of style, material, and setting of the dining table is the final step. So, this step is based on personal preferences and interiors of the home. There are a countless number of models in dining tables, but the right one should reflect its surroundings. Let’s go through some styles of interiors.

Country style: These reflect the raw beauty of nature, and are made of Wood.

Classic style: Pieces with distinctive designs like curved legs and reflective surfaces.

Modern style: Creations that have straight lines and patterns, straight-edged, and minimal design aspects. Usually made with Wood, glass, or metal.

Scandinavian style: Pieces that reflect the sleek and minimal design.

Along with these, have an eye out for chairs and their design too. Make sure whatever you choose should stay in harmony with the interiors of the space. With these handy tips and suggestions, we hope your journey to choosing a perfect dining table get easier. If yes, check out more of our blogs to learn more about furniture and its role in our daily lives. Pay a visit to our stores as the lockdown ends to witness finesse in luxury.


The Latest Sofa Designs in 2020 – Trends

Well-designed couches and sofas should bring you comfort, joy along with a satisfyingly beautiful design. Yet they upgrade any room with a strong new focal point that will set the tone for your design direction. But how do you go about choosing the right sofas or couches for your home from the latest sofa designs?

There are several trends in 2019 regarding modern sofa trends, silhouettes, fabrications, and advancements, in general, to take note. To get you to find the exact modern sofa for your home, we’ve got a handy guide for you. It will help you set about looking for the most comfortable couch that’s trendy to boot.

Leather Sofas

From finding the best sofa bed to affordable sofas that boast aesthetic value nonetheless, here’s a look at the best quality couches to consider for 2019 and beyond. Start with the essentials to take in from the latest sofa designs.


From slim to oversized, take note of how new couches will affect traffic flow, work with existing furnishings, and how many they can seat – along with their design style.

Whether you’re blessed with unlimited space or are on the hunt for petite quality sofas, size and scale are just as crucial as silhouette and fabrication. They should never be overlooked.


Sourcing the best quality couches for your home doesn’t necessarily mean that they boast practicality. Since the two aren’t mutually exclusive to each other.

And like with any investment quality furnishings, the best sofa for your money should keep practicality a significant priority. As couches are pieces, you’ll live with for the long haul. They should also feature a variety of advantages regarding practicality. It includes easy-to-clean fabrications, lightweight construction for easy moves, neutral upholstery to ensure that they look great in almost any room, convertible options if available, and last but not least, comfort.


Like in case of major appliances and structural elements like windows, keep quality sofas in mind. Especially when looking at new styles as you’ll want to get the most for your budget for the long run.

A cosy sofa at the top of your priority list is a must. Besides that, you’ll need couches that are easy to clean and stain-resistant, easy to update with fresh upholstery, etc. All of this while boasting quality construction to avoid any painful loose springs or lumpy spots.


We put style and comfort together here. It is because one should never be prioritized over the other when considering the best sofa options for your home. And really, why should they?

Do seek out the most comfortable couch that’s high on style. Since couches are major furnishings that you’ll have to live with for years on end. So, be sure to never skimp out on style just for comfort’s sake because you’ll tire of your sofa in no time.

From inexpensive sofas to pure splurges, keep the value of comfort a key priority. It will help you discover options from the latest sofa designs that are worth investing.

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Luxurious bedroom with Contemporary beds

A bedroom is the modern day’s sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation and more. Even the most modern and luxurious bedroom cannot be complete without a relaxing and comforting bed. So, without an iota of doubt, the bed can be dubbed as “the soul of a bedroom.” You can choose any bed of your choice. Though, it shall not just be modern but must complement the bedroom’s interior design and the overall space.

Luxury bedroom

Your luxurious bedroom is the most intimate space in your home. So the design you choose must be an apt reflection of your interior design style. Layering is every interior designer’s answer towards setting up a luxury bedroom. It all starts with a bespoke bed to create a showpiece for the room. From there, enfold yourself with soft textures – Egyptian cotton bed linen, costly throws, pillows and rugs – all set under a shade of soft lighting.

Rules for a Neoclassical-style luxurious bedroom

1) The balance between the different parts

What is the first rule of Neoclassicism or a Neoclassical-style bedroom, you may ask? It is simply the concept of balance. The beauty and power of the Neoclassical-style are unmatched.

In this respect, we need to bear in mind one thing. That is, to fashion a Neoclassical-style master bedroom, we must steer clear of filling up our space with an overdose of furniture in it.

Make sure to pick up the right furnishing for your bedroom. Here is a list of the significant pieces of furniture that you cannot afford to miss from a Neoclassical-style luxurious bedroom:

  • King size bed: Needless to say, it must be elegant and massive. It can also be adorned with soft sculpted décors.
  • Two bed stands: They give the bed its edge but never overshadow its centrality.
  • A closet: In a formal and refined style, a must-have for a bedroom of its stature.
  • A coffee table with two armchairs: Though not necessary, they can still add a touch of elegance and luxury. For they set the room in a timeless dimension.

The entire room furniture cannot be a standalone piece of furniture. But they must be centred on the bed. To attract attention to it, always place the bed in the middle of the main wall. In Neoclassical style bedrooms, the bed must be the central point of attraction. It is alluring enough to catch the gaze of anyone who walks in.

Selecting the right bed and positioning is vital to create a Neoclassical-style bedroom. It is this focal point which sets the harmonious balance linking the bedroom sections, the furniture and the décor.

2) Framing the bed

Since the bed is the focal element in your room, decorating the wall or framing the bed frame, for instance, can be an essential Neoclassical-style element. The curvy lines of mortar decorations or the stylish geometry of sober wallpaper can give that unique Neoclassical touch to your bedroom, without overdoing it.

Neoclassical style means timeless shapes and serene spirit at the same time: don’t forget this basic rule as you pick up each decorative element. However, this does not mean you should give up on luxury. Luxury can come out in all its shapes and materials.

The bed frame is normally rectangular and massive made up of a soft and padded fabric. Light cream, white or beige leather is ultimate for the perfect Neoclassical-style bed frame.

3) Fabrics and lighting

To craft a Neoclassical-style bedroom, we will also make use of curtains, bedspreads, cushions, quilts and lamps of any sort. Curtains must be big and frame the windows with loads of heavy fabric. Choose curtains with intense colours (though not too bright). The same goes for the cushions and the bedspread. However, the decorative frame of the curtains, they should not diminish the bedroom poise.

Lighting is another indispensable element when creating a Neoclassical-style bedroom. Lighting must enhance the furniture. It must be soft, yet persistent suiting the sleeping quarters. Thus, you can place floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights tactically around the room. Also, when choosing which areas to illuminate, always follow aesthetics like setting your lamps to underscore central furnishing elements and exclusive décors.

Neoclassical style bedroom: a fusion of elegance and sobriety

While there’s no doubt that a Neoclassical-style bedroom is a luxury bedroom, it must not be overly decorated. It is also perfectly fine to have a sober room as long as it is classy and refined.

Once you’ve got your Neoclassical-style bedroom furnished, let yourself be taken away by the atmosphere you created in its magical environment. For it is where you’ll enjoy the privacy of luxury and rest for a dreamy affair.

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Premium Wardrobe Designs at ElevateX

The wardrobe is one of the most important furniture pieces in a bedroom, second only to the bed. Everybody has their own thought of having the perfect wardrobe. Some prefer a bare minimum, while others want to have massive and premium wardrobes. Luckily, there are enough choices to satisfy all our needs for organizing, storage, and aesthetics. A well designed modern and premium wardrobe can double your space utilization while giving your home that contemporary European look.

Wardrobe Designs

Here’s an overview of some of the types of a premium wardrobe. Find out which one of these will suit your needs.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes are a recent take on the classic hinge door wardrobe styles. With changing times and in order to have a non-fussy style of “almirah”, it is the best choice with a contemporary look. As per the available width, sliding door wardrobes can be designed with two, three or four doors. The sliding doors glide smoothly on a track.

Also, for effective use of the bedroom space, this is the best choice, as it occupies less space. No more pull-out wardrobe doors on hinges. This enables for more free space in the room. The sliding doors have various types of sliding systems and with a variety of materials creating endless possibilities.

Hinge Door Wardrobe

Hinge Door Wardrobes are the most familiar and traditional types of wardrobes. It’s very simple in design and opens with a hinged door. With a variety of colours in different textures and finishes, one can easily find an ideal choice of this premium wardrobe to go with the décor of one’s room.

L-Shaped Wardrobe

L-shaped wardrobes are also popular as “Corner Wardrobes”.  So they can be the ideal solution for the maximum utilization of a bedroom corner. They utilise the corners of the room which generally are otherwise wasted space. The sliding doors (usually the most preferred door style) for such fitted L-shaped wardrobe confers great style as well as storage potential, making it a popular choice.


Walk-in wardrobes are the dream wardrobe for most of us, but only a lucky few can afford it. They are the peaks in luxury with massive storage space for clothes and other accessories. Coupled with organizing accessories, they offer a great prospect for creating a highly organized space. A well-designed space for everything. For fashion-conscious people who love to collect a variety of lavish items, it is the ideal choice.

A customary walk-in-wardrobe will have hanging and storage space on all three sides. It works best if you have an unused room or a good amount of spare space which then gets separated with another pair of doors making it an ideal walk-in-closet. As many aspire for it, this is a good value option with marginal extra cost.

Wardrobe with a Mezzanine Loft

Due to the inclined nature of the mezzanine loft roof, it can be difficult to find appropriate wardrobe designs for loft or attic rooms. However, with some clever inventiveness and sliding doors styling one can find the ideal mezzanine loft storage solution, thus making great use of the otherwise dead space beneath the mezzanine loft roof. Sloped Wardrobe

Sloping wardrobe doors are the best solution for attic bedrooms, sloped ceilings and under the stairs. They offer a versatile way of creating valuable storage space. For example, under a staircase, hence making the most of an otherwise wasted space.

At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.


TV Unit Designs for Modern Living Room

From stylish glass to glossy panels, TV unit designs have come a long way. TV units today have become versatile both with purpose and functionality. No longer do TV sets hold viewers captive to a cricket match or the latest blockbuster movie. In lounge rooms and bars, TV is a point of convergence – the axis of social interactions and banter. At homes, urban dwellers have dedicated spaces for TV units, home theatre systems and other recreational gadgets. And for many others, binge watching in the bedroom after a long day of work continues to be a household tradition.

TV units, therefore, have become an integral part of home interior design with millennials. It’s an indispensable piece of style. It can even upgrade the appearance of your room several notches. In any case, you’ll have to ensure that the structure of your TV unit matches the dimensions of your living room. And so, we bring you TV unit designs ideal for your living room – those that are adaptable to varied room sizes and gorgeous to look at as well!

Modern TV UNIT


Here are some of the best design ideas for TV units in your living room that are going to spunk up our space. 

Contemporary TV Unit

Contemporary or modern TV units are slender in structure and attractive in appeal. They definitely look better than a simple table top for your brand new plasma or LED television. This type of TV unit is a great addition to living room narratives both in terms of style and slickness of design. A smart TV unit such as this takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Matching shelves and cabinets to go along with it can instantly make your TV unit the showstopper of your living room. Let those heads turn the next time you invite friends and family over!

Sleek TV Unit

The sleek TV unit is a perfect fit for lounge or family rooms. This type of unit is easy to fit in any given area and occupies less space. These mounted TV units have become the latest fad in apartment furniture. With shrinking apartment’s sizes, this TV unit design works wonders when space is a constraint. Bring in some LED strip lighting to brighten up your living room without going over the edge.

Low Shelf TV Unit

From a basic, low rack in your living room that can hold substantially more than the TV to measured units that can adjust to your requirements, your decision here is based on your living room size. Items such as books, DVD, CD players or any other small items can be fitted inside shelves of low lying TV units.

TV Unit Designs for Small Living Rooms

Without a doubt, this is the most well-known type with Indian home owners today. Space isn’t a luxury many can afford, especially in larger cities and metros. In small living rooms, a running TV unit combined with open racks can be particularly useful. This is especially great if your old TV unit is untidy and takes up excessive space. Try this and transform your living room!

Wall Mounted

If those sleek TV units are too demure for your taste, then you need the colour option for a wall mounted TV unit. These are self-supporting units that utilise the perpendicular space of your living room. With a metallic or any other shimmer frame, these tall and wall fixed units are ideal for those who wish to enjoy their favourite TV shows from the kitchen or dining room.


The beauty of your living room lies in the texture of your walls. Wood, without a shadow of doubt, is a popular pick among gadget homeowners. TV units made with wood introduce colour and visual differentiation without interfering with the overall decor of your living room. Wood begets comfort and appeal, and such TV units are characterised by straight and clean lines.


Glass TV units are for those who love everything Nordic. Scandivian style of interior design is characteristic of clean and large spaces – this means the area around your TV needs to be free of junk. Glass units brighten up spaces and liven up living rooms as well.

These design ideas are now your go-to guide as you contemplate the sort of TV unit most appropriate for your home. The plan, design, shape, and dimensions of your TV unit depend on your living room size and your personal preferences. For instance, in living rooms with warm-toned furniture and furnishings, bulky TV units will not blend well. And of course, the TV unit design you choose also depends on one that wins your heart!


The Centre Table for a Classic Room

There are several factors to probe before buying a centre table. It often serves other functions also. Sure, it’s a place to put your drinks or other belongings. The kids may use it for playing games too. These other purposes will as well influence the right height and size of the piece that you wish to buy.


Centre Table


Think about what’s the main purpose of your centre table. If it’s a trait, you can opt for something more detailed or attention-grabbing. That means you’ll want a clear space around it, so it gets seen. That can, in turn, affect the size and height of the piece.

For example, a glass top piece is an admirable choice for a table that will fit in your room. Opt for something more complex and visible to make it a focal point of your living room. The materials you choose can also affect the size that will work best for you.


The classic shape of the centre table is rectangular. But that’s not a hard and fast rule. After all, you want every member in the room to be able to use the table.

A table with a superior length versus width is an excellent choice for smaller rooms. A rectangle or oval-shaped piece optimises the space. If you have a larger seating requirement, a square-shaped table is another choice. The shape also factors when you reflect on the style of your room. 


It’s crucial to consider the space around your centre table. Everyone needs enough leg space. It shouldn’t be a job to get up from the sofa. Only then, people can reach it easily without feeling cramped.


Height also comes into play. The typical height for the centre table is about 40 to 45cm. You’ll want it to be about the same height as your sofa cushions. If they are oversized, plan on a centre table that is 2 or 3 cm lower. A taller one will work too.

Don’t forget the space underneath your table. You can place a magazine and other knick-knacks under it. It’ll also bring interest to the room. It needn’t be wasted space. When considering height, measure the space between the floor and the bottom of the table.


Rectangular tables capture that classic look. But they may pose a hazard for the kids. A round or oval piece may offer a better choice with no sharp edges. Also, consider how the kiddies use the table. The smoother sides are an excellent option if they use it for lessons or colouring.

Keep these other uses in mind when looking at the construction. Centre tables with support closer to the centre may shift accidentally with a lot of pressure on the ends, for example.


Your decor will also influence the choice of your centre table. Classic traditional pieces are often heavier and larger. Ornate trim may cut down on the usable surface area. Modern or contemporary furniture may pose similar challenges.

Some tables may have feet that splay out from the base of the table. Others may have features that jut out from the main surface. Eclectic pieces may have unique shapes outside of the standard sizes. Any of these will cut into the clearance around it. That’s especially true if you mix standard and non-standard size furniture.

Mind the room underneath the table too. Closed spaces will encroach on the legroom of people seated on the sofa. You may need to add some extra space around the centre table to leave enough room.



Centre tables often include other features that add to their value. A place to set your drink is only the starting point. Some may have extra shelves underneath the main base. Other may include drawers for extra storage. Keep these things in mind when placing your table. You may need more room to open a drawer fully.


The best way to choose the right centre table height and size is to see it in action. Use some removable painter’s tape to measure out space in front of your sofa. Make sure your room can put up with the extra space you’ll need around the piece. 

On last words, it’s better to try it out first before spending the money on the wrong centre table for your space.

 At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.

Luxury furniture to style your home this Festive season

Everyone needs a little luxury in his or her home. Thankfully, luxury furniture delivers it in a very decorative style. There’s really no reason why luxurious touches can’t be included. This is so as you’re only limited by imagination and budget. Even one luxurious piece of furniture can make a space truly special. Actually, luxury is something that is conducive to lavish life. And that includes elements which are elegant, opulent and indulgent.



Luxury Funiture


Elements of Luxury

One of the easiest luxury furnishings to include in a room is a chair. It is an ideal piece to lounge in, read or sit and chat with friends. The fabrics, shapes and designs of luxury chairs are distinctive and comfortable. The meaning of luxury is to feel great, indulged and transported to a new place. In fact, settling into a deeply tufted armchair gives you those sensations right away. A round armchair’s elegant shape is formal. This type of luxury furniture makes it an excellent choice for a living room or bedroom.


Traditional luxury furniture

Regular styles offer plenty of options for luxury furniture. This is because the patterned upholstery, serious lines and highly ornamented wood are often relatable to lavish surroundings. Thus, it gives the overall feel to be real and formal.


The Rococo style furniture

A true example of luxury, the living room includes all sorts of elements that elevate it. From the gilded chandelier to the amply tufted furnishings, your room can be replete with signs of style and splendour. A padded and quoted wall panel flanked by thinner wall panels that feature mirrors set the stage. The luxury furniture, keeping to a neutral palette, along with a curvy contour can be padded in a cushy fabric. The grand coffee table can also have hallmark features of rococo style with grandly curved legs.


Neutral coloured Furniture

Neutral colours are a grand foundation for an elegant room. Details like accented armrests on the sofa and the cable-style quilting on the classic armchair elevate the luxury furniture. A mirror in a gold frame reflecting the silk draperies enhances the lavish feeling further.


Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms are another place for luxury styles to shine. This modern setting features two-tone chairs in plush materials and a pedestal table with a modern base. The mid-century modern chandelier is a possible fitting accent for the room. It artfully mixes styles with the addition of a classical bust on an unusual styled pillar table.


Contemporary Room Furniture

A little more modest yet no less striking, the modern room furniture melds a variety of pieces that come together in quiet luxury. Each piece of luxury furniture is special. However, they all blend in harmony for a more casual feeling of opulence. A rare armoire with an unusual finish, large coffee tables and furry ottomans are the dominant furniture pieces, all in neutral tones. The printed armchairs and rugs can provide added colour to the scheme.


High-end Dining Furniture

Equally plush and more eclectic, this luxury dining room has a variety of high-end elements. Stressing on the crimson walls by the folded silk draperies, the furnishings can be of the classic baroque style. Dining chairs are also Baroque. They are also upholstered in silk and adorned with ornate carvings. Design accents like the lamps and cases are classical.


Regal Bedroom Furniture

In the bedroom, you can define luxury in several ways. Not only the decor and design, even the amenities in the bedroom also make a huge difference. Here, the Baroque style of wall design comprises a luxury closet with elegant drawer storage as well as room for hanging clothes. Of course, the bed, furnishings and fittings too fit with the Baroque scheme.


A regal bed means the peak of luxury for your personal space. A deeply tufted headboard and bench, paired with lavish bedding textiles, in effect create a welcoming and relaxing bedroom. The wall coatings also help visually cushion the space. Small details like matching floor and wall lamps add to the feeling of well-planned space.


These rooms and designs are very inspiration for ways of adding luxury to your home. All kinds of style elements have a place in luxury decor. Furnishings, accessories, as well as decor, can help convert a room from plain to posh. Luxury decor and furnishings can make your space more cosy and impressive.


At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. Of course, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.

Bedside Tables – Top 5 tables that you’ll Love!


There’s nothing we love more than climbing into bed at the end of a tiring day, and so we want the experience to be as stress-free as possible — no rooting around for those essentials you need just before you nod off. Maybe the book you’re reading, your phone charger, or a glass of water. Bedside tables are the perfect place to keep all these things, but if you’re buying one, there are some options out there.

Do you want drawers to keep lots of things close to hand, or would you prefer a minimal design for your Marie Kondo’ed bedroom, free of superfluous possessions? Here are five designs to get you started on your quest for beside organisation.

When picking the right furniture pieces for the bedroom, we instantly focus on the bed because it is the most functional and important piece in the space, right?

However, choosing the right bedside table is equally important because what you place beside the bed affects not only how functional space is but also how aesthetically pleasing!

The old school way of thinking was to shop for a nightstand that suits your entire bedroom suite of furniture. Nowadays, the possibilities for bedside table are virtually endless and oh so much more appealing!

Bedside tables


A Few Options for Bedside Tables:


  • A Chest of Drawers 

Bedside tables are the perfect place to keep all these things, but if you’re buying one, there are some options out there. Do you want drawers to keep lots of things close to hand? Or would you prefer a minimal design for your Marie Kondo’ed bedroom, free of superfluous possessions?

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic; made from oak, featuring two large drawers and a clean, simple form, this Ercol design would look good in any bedroom. It also has ample space on top for a lamp, plant, or anything else you want to display.


  • A Simple Nightstand

Nightstands are an essential element in any bedroom. They are useful and provide a convenient place for you. This will help you place a lamp, your nighttime reading material, your remote control and your cup of warm milk. Nightstands with drawers offer a place to put things out of sight while nightstands with shelves provide open storage space. These nightstands are also a way to enhance the looks of your bedroom. Consider the space you have in your bedroom before you choose the right nightstand for you. Tall nightstands can be a great fit for traditional tall beds. Small nightstands are often the right choice in cosy bedrooms.


  • A Small Bookcase 

If you have a lot of small novels lying around, a small bookcase can fit your smaller books. The bookcase is usually made with really light material and can still be sturdy having a good weight capacity. White colour with decorative floral sides can make your bookcase look really cute like a living room decor piece. This bookcase is also quite easy to assemble, as everything just snaps together.


  • A Desk 

Often impossible to find room for in a small space, desks can make perfectly sound nightstands. Cosying up to a desk next to the bed leaves some room at one end for bedside Tables essentials like a lamp, an alarm clock, and a smartphone. With a chair or stool that tucks under the desk, the single table can pull double duty as both a nightstand and a rare desk. Plus, you’ll be able to hop up and jot things down in your dream journal with ease.


  • A Console Table 

Console tables make room for those things you like to have close by. You can go for a console table that has space for remote controls and a cup of coffee. Or choose one with shelves or drawers if you want tidy storage for magazines and coasters. We have a table or two that fits your style, space and sofa.

You have to agree that these options are much more appealing!

Once you’ve decided which kind of bedside table would work best for your space, you’ll need to do some space planning to narrow down your options even further! You want a piece that is easy to reach when standing up and also when you’re lying in bed!

At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. Of course, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.

Sofa design in L shape styles for Modern Homes

In recent years, the conventional sofa design has gone through a bit of a revolution. Designers are now keeping in mind the humble sofa as something more of a cosy place to sit on an evening, or as a statement of art to show off in your home. It is now being ranked by some, as a piece of art, while also being useful and comfy to sit on, as a sofa should be.


Sofa Design


Variegated L-shape Sofa designs

Endow your modern living space with the stylish and comfortable L shaped sofa set. There are many an L shaped sofa design that comes in both wooden as well as fabric shapes. These L shaped sofa designs are also available online in various colours and sizes at an affordable price.

L shaped, also popular as corner sofas adorn a modern sofa design that has been through some changes, of late. Here are some of the most chosen designs to make your choice from if you are going to purchase an L shaped sofa:


  • Classic leather sofa design


The classic leather L shaped sofa is still the most preferred among households. They even combine two of the most popular sofa designs today – the leather look and the L shape. This classic look fits in all styles of living room sofa design.


  • Fabric sofa design


Fabric L shaped sofas can bring a very warm, homely look to any living room. These plump and comfy looking sofas are the perfect accessory to a night in – be it a family film night, a girl’s night or even a lads’ football night!


  • Minimalistic sofa design


Another most popular style of L shaped sofa design comes with the minimalistic style of living. The minimalistic design of these sofas has clean lines which add to any living room and also make a stylish talking point. It is also seen to be the perfect place to curl up for an evening.


  • Cushion backed sofa design


Cushion backed sofas are a big rage nowadays. Seriously, they also feature heavily in the section of latest designs for the L shaped sofa market. These are excellent sofas for those who want to curl up in class.


  • Curved sofa design


When you think of L shaped sofas, you like to think of straight lines. But these days there is a new trend of the curved L shape. It is a great sofa if you want to make it the centrepiece of a room. It is even a better one when you don’t want to draw attention to your less than straight walls!


  • Blocks sofa design


This season the L shaped sofa has changed in a way that makes it far easier to move around. That’s right! The L sofa comes in blocks now. It not only makes it easier to move around but also means you can have it in any shape you like. You can move it around until you find your secure spot!

Designers also experiment with the L shaped sofa design with some impending innovations. So, next time you are looking for a new sofa for your home, why not take a look at the many L shaped sofa designs out there? And add that little extra something to your living room.

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Leather Sofa Vs Fabric Sofa – Style your Living room

Let’s all admit, that the first decision to take while buying a sofa is to choose between Leather and Fabric. Being a brand that deals with sofas, we have seen many customers being confused on this aspect. With this blog, we wish to cover some of the essential elements, and the pros & cons of both Leather and fabric.

Sofas are the most integral part of our lives. From the moment we wake up, till the moment we sleep, (not to mention sleeping on the sofa) we tend to use them all day. For such important furniture, there should be a valid screening process before making the bill, which is why we’re here to help.


Leather Sofa


Let’s jump into the Pros & Cons of Leather sofas.



  1. The easy maintain type-
    Our busy lives do snatch away our time to maintain our belongings. If you’re looking for something easier to maintain, leather sofas are your go-to pieces. They can be brought back to their original grandeur with a little moisturising and wipe. City life can be dusty, and if you stay in a neighbourhood with lots of dust, a Leather Sofa is what you should consider. With regular moisturising, the leather remains young forever.
  2.  The Live-Long type-
    Leather sofas are specifically known for their lifespan. Compared to fabric sofas, Leather sofas keep their shape and tone to be the same for many years. Their natural ageing process might make them look a little different. But they get better with time. The average life of a good quality Leather sofa is rounded to atleast a decade. In furniture years, that’s pretty long. Talking about the quality, we provide Sofas or Couches with top-quality leather. Once bought, you don’t need to look back for decades.
  3. Stains aren’t a problem-
    If you have kids at home, the choice between leather and fabric becomes one-sided. Comparatively, leather is more stain-proof and resistant than a fabric sofa. So, you can let your kids take over the Sofa.
  4. The Healthy type-
    One of the most significant advantages of Leather is that it is hypoallergenic. Meaning, it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Leather sofas won’t hold on to pet dander and hair either.


  1. Pets could be a problem-
    Relax, we only meant for unruly pets. But, if your pet is trained, you can opt for a Leather sofa. One disadvantage is that any scratch on leather could hamper it. Genuine leather, however, can withstand harshness. But if it does get a big scratch or tear, you’ll need to replace the whole thing.
  2. Cold in winter and hot in summer-
    Leather will always reflect the temperature of the room. So, if the room is cold, the sofa feels cold to touch. One can counter it by throwing a blanket to keep it warm. On a sunny day, the surface gets heated up causing you to sweat.

FABRIC SOFA- Pros & Cons


  1. Vast options-
    Fabric Sofas come in vast options of colours and patterns, which makes it easier to fit a specific lifestyle and atmosphere.
  2. Easy repair-
    It sure comes as an advantage, especially when the household has kids or pets. If the fabric gets scratched or torn, fabric sofas give us the chance of getting them repaired, while leather sofas do not.


  1. High maintenance-
    If you’ve decided to buy a fabric sofa, you might need to plan your time for its maintenance. Unlike leather sofas, the fabric absorbs any liquid right in and leaves a stain over the surface. If there are kids around, you might need to be a bit careful.
  2. Life expectancy-
    Fabric sofas have lower life than Leather sofas. If considered with pets and kids around, it’s challenging to maintain. They quickly catch hair and need a rigorous vacuum to remove them.


When it comes to styling the ambience, both sofas have their advantages. While the fabric sofas come in vast varieties and patterns, it is relatively easier to match it to the room’s décor.

The patterns on fabric sofa might be out of the trend, but there’s nothing classier than a textured fabric sofa, coupled with patterned cushions. While the texture of the fabric gives volume to space, the colourful, patterned cushions give it a chic, yet elegant style.

Coming to leather, do not think they come in just 3-4 basic shades. These days, leather sofascome in all sorts of colours, so you can select the colour that compliments the walls.The thing with a leather sofa is that whether it’s your bedroom, the lounge, or the living room, it adds elegance and sophistication.

In the end, it always comes down to the look and purpose of the sofa. Picking the right furniture that adds comfort and elegance to our lifestyle is of utmost priority. If you need to browse our collection, click here.

We hope this blog post helps you decide on choosing between a Fabric and Leather sofa. If you still can’t make up a decision, feel free to visit our store for a realistic feel where we present you different setups of customizable spaces.