Sleep Fashioned Through Science

The gateway to your dreams. The safe place where you recharge.
The place that gets you. The place where you belong.

If it is your bed that popped into your mind then you’re absolutely right, for there is no other place that could be as romanticized as the place where you rest your weary head. Yet, how is it that we treat our favourite eight (we know it’s lesser) hours of the day? Well, now you can give a break to your aching bones for it is time to elevate your standards of sleeping.

The result of multiple collaborations among doctors, clinicians and orthopaedic surgeons, Sealy’s designs have been known to deliver when it comes to comfortable and healthy nights of sleep.

A comfort system is implemented to determine the right amount of layers perfect for all body types. Not too hard and not too soft, this layer system is designed to mould itself into a precise and comfortable shape beneath you.

Sealy’s mattresses also come equipped with a Pressure Relief Layer which is fashioned to focus on the parts of the body that requires a pressure relief; be it the joints or the muscles, this layer helps release all the kinks and cramps. It also adjusts itself to provide the required amount of support to the lower back and hips.

Slouching when awake is harmful for one’s posture, but falling into that position while sleeping has been known to aggravate the damage. Sealy’s Posture Channel design serves as support for muscle relaxation and allows the limbs to rest.

While comfort is vital, longevity is another factor that one hopes for while seeking a good night’s sleep. With Sealy’s Uni-cased construction, found only in their Posturepedic Mattresses, the motion reduction technology minimizes movement and disturbances almost to a negative.

These are but few features of this brand’s proven patented technology and it only strives to get better with further research and better development. So, shall we Sealy the deal for no more restless sleeps?

Home Décor at its Finest

Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian who had donned numerous hats, had once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”  Hundreds of years down the line and here we see his words come to life through Santarossa’s collection for our homes.

Here is a brand that goes the extra mile in understanding the homes and surroundings it seeks out to give an identity to. From a single chair to an entirely fitted kitchen, Santarossa’s collection banks on luxury that is flexible.

Elegant but Modern

Minimalistic and sleek in its designs, Santarossa’s varied plans aim to accommodate the basic accessories that complements a TV unit without overshadowing the flat screen at the least. With the added sleek sections and alcoves, allotting space for the movie collection and the gaming console will be anything but difficult.

Classic but Practical

When it comes to closets, it’s almost impossible to acquire the perfect ratio of space among your belongings. From unevenly sized footwear, to different densities of fabrics, to jagged files and documents.

At Santarossa, your possessions come first and then your closets as they are built to accommodate them while complementing the respective rooms. With these modular closets grant yourself easy access to your essentials without having to shift and sift through piles of surplus stuff.

Regal but Reliable

A picture might be worth a thousand words but its frame helps quite a bit as well. It isn’t just the interiors of your living room and kitchen that speak of your style and success; the way you spruce up your bedrooms expresses your personality as well. Whether you seek designer padded backrests or ample storage boxes or sleek and simple bed frames, Santarossa offers them all.

A desired fusion of sleek designs and advantageous comfort, each and every one of Santarossa’s creations are fashioned to emanate your preferences and identity. Now give your home the simple sophistication it deserves.

Transform Your Kitchen With Elevate

The best furnishing companies provide comprehensive services that take care of all aspects of your home or work space. Elevate, an Indian company from Hyderabad, is no exception to this fact. Elevate provides high customer-aware furnishing solutions with top quality brands like ALNO (a leading German brand), Hettich, Natuzzi (the only Italian furniture maker listed on the Wall Street Exchange) and Santarossa.



Decoding the modular kitchen

In general, in the furnishing world, a modular kitchen is a space that is crafted in the form of modules, or self-contained component units, made in standardized sizes for the average kitchen. The modules that make up the kitchen usually include differently sized cabinets for manageable storage, the kitchen counter (if there is one) and, sometimes, assorted kitchen elements like ovens, or a chimney that are fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle for creating a wholly functional kitchen.

Modular kitchens can be easily modified and the fitting style can be played around with for a fresh, one-of-a-kind look and finish. As they are comprised of individual pieces, the modules can be highly variable in terms of styles, colours or patterns, material and design. Modular kitchen sets typically incur a far lower cost than kitchens with component parts that are made from scratch or in accordance to an order placed. The latter gives you more control and modification option, but often does not match the efficacy afforded by a modular kitchen.

Further, modular kitchens, too, can be made bespoke in order to circumvent the fact that they are usually manufactured in batches of the same set to be fitted in different homes – a testament to their growing popularity. The enormous range of designs for modular kitchens, especially from luxury brand names, makes up for this shortcoming by providing you with kitchens that may have been custom made, and often at an attractive price.

What are Elevate Kitchens?

Elevate, has a dedicated kitchen specialist team to help transform your kitchen into a beautiful and efficient space that you can be proud of. The kinds of modular kitchens available are virtually limitless, as their scope is dependent entirely on the creativity of the designers in the furniture company. Modular kitchens that are available from the Elevate Kitchen line are fully customizable and can be tailor made to suit your needs as you want them.

Elevate kitchens use fittings by the German company Hettich, which are high quality products that have been put through quality control tests to ensure maximum functionality. Hettich’s motto is ‘technology for furniture’, and they satisfy this to the fullest degree. Their furnishing and home system products include hinges, flaps, sliding and folding doors, drawers, handles, tables, cabinets, lights and connecting pieces, each in breathtaking variety with uniqueness of design and unmatched attention to detail.

The designs of Elevate kitchens run from modern and smooth to futuristic and sleek. The lines seem to flow seamlessly, and the colours are sure to give your home a unique look, while maintaining utmost convenience of use for a well-rounded package.

The Best Italian Leather Sofas: The Lap of Luxury

Elevate, meaning to lift, is a brand that deals with luxury designer furniture for all those who love to live in style. It assures to guarantee its buyers with absolute satisfaction and does not disappoint in the least when it comes to delivering on what is promised. Based in the city of Hyderabad, the company is making a solid space for itself in the realm of best designer furniture that can transform your home in a sleek space of opulence and luxury that is a palpable presence within the four walls. Finely crafted Italian leather sofas and sofa sets are sure to afford you a look and comfort that few other pleasures in the world can match.

Luxury furniture

What is the big deal about Italian leather?

Admittedly, a wide variety of leathers and leather products are available in the market, and is a known fact that Italian leather products demand a high price. It is only natural to wonder what sets Italian leather apart from other forms of leather. After all, leather is made by treating the hide (skin) of an animal by a number of processes and with various materials.

The different kinds of leather are sorted on the basis of the type of ‘grain’. Good quality Italian leather is typically a full-grain type, meaning that the hide that was used to make the leather is ‘uncorrected’ and has minimum imperfections on its surface. Full grained leather, being the purest form of leather, has a very high breathability, and therefore retains less moisture from long periods of contact with skin. Instead of getting worn out as it ages, full grained leather develops a patina, which is a coating that forms with age and exposure to the elements.

The term ‘Italian leather’, of course, may be applied to any leather that originates in Italy, but when it comes to Elevate furniture, the highest quality leather is used in order to craft an exquisite product that will suit the tastes of anyone, whether your preferences run along the lines of trendy and modern, classic or simple.

The term ‘Italian leather’, of course, may be applied to any leather that originates in Italy, but when it comes to Elevate furniture, the highest quality leather is used in order to craft an exquisite product that will suit the tastes of anyone, whether your preferences run along the lines of trendy and modern, classic or simple.

Another L-shaped leather sofa from the house of Natuzzi Editions
Another L-shaped leather sofa from the house of Natuzzi Editions

A look at the brand

Elevate furniture’s premier Italian sofas are by the Italian brand Natuzzi. The Natuzzi Editions series is an exclusive collection of beautifully crafted sofas that are sure to please any palate. Guaranteeing unmatched comfort and value for your money, this inspired collection of quality Italian sofas are your ideal pick if you are seeking a finely tuned precision and uniqueness along with a sense of sophistication that is so closely associated with the best Italian leather sofas.

Italian leather sofas from Elevate are designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the present day customer, and they are therefore refreshingly new and have a decidedly contemporary feel to them. For those who prefer the time tested silhouettes of the days long past, there are also sofa models that cater to this need, and edgier ones that you can use to create a one-of-a-kind look where antique meets modern. In terms of colour, Italian sofas by the company are available in neutral, cool and warm tones to suit a wide range of homes, so go ahead and choose your seat of luxury!

Recharge with Natuzzi Revive recliners only at Elevate

Also known as an armchair, a lounger, or a reclining chair, Natuzzi recliner is a single-seat sofa or chair that has a backrest which can be declined so as to give the user the luxury of ‘reclining’. Many recliners these days come with adjustable foot stools for added comfort. Natuzzi’s highly lauded recliners, available through the Elevate furniture company in India, are unique in their level of innovation, and provide a level of satisfaction like no other, allowing you a holistic rest and leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to face a new day. These recliners are available through the ‘Revive’ line of products by the Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi.

The world's first performance recliner by Natuzzi, exclusively at elevate
The world’s first performance recliner by Natuzzi, exclusively at Elevate

What is Revive all about?

In order to understand what sets Natuzzi Revive apart from other recliners available, let us take a comprehensive look at the features of the Revive recliner that you can get from Elevate.

  • One-of-a-kind convenience: Natuzzi Revive recliners employ a number of patented designs that are intended to provide you, the user, with a seamless experience when you are using the recliner. The backrest of the Revive moves as you do. The recliner adjusts almost intuitively when you change your position by responding to your natural movements. This seamless shifting takes away the need to strain and manually adjust the recliner, while also providing you with a gentle rocking motion to soothe you, your body and mind.
  • An experiment in minimalism: Despite its complex look and finish, this elegant chair uses only seven component assemblies, making it easy to replace if the need ever arises, and greatly reducing the chance of malfunction on any level. The recliner is also surprisingly light, as it uses a lightweight injected polymer as far as possible, with steel only being used where it is needed.
  • Tougher than it looks:The Natuzzi Revive reclining chair is made to be durable and strong. It is crafted using materials that combine flexibility with strength, using both polymer composite and flexible polymer for the spine and shell. In addition to the outer materials, the chair’s main steel mechanism (which controls the functionality) is finished with a coating of smooth powder for additional reinforcement and seamless function. Besides the strictly controlled and supervised manufacturing processes, all the products go through a rigorous quality check procedure in order to ensure maximum longevity of the recliner.
  • A sleek performer:The ground bearing of the recliner is crafted from stainless steel in order to provide the requisite support and for smooth performance when you use the recliner. And, in keeping with the performance-oriented design of the Natuzzi Revive recliners, the wheels are made of a finely finished polymer for a seamless glide that will not leave any harsh marks on your floor.
  • Made with a green thumb: Natuzzi, andElevate, are highly conscious of the need to preserve the sanctity of the environment, therefore, the Revive recliners are made using recycled raw materials as far as possible. Furthermore, they are intended to be recyclable even at the end of their life.

When you use the Revive recliner, prepare to be cocooned in comfortable luxury as your body recharges, and you spirit is revitalized.

The best mattress for a good night’s sleep

Along with food and water, sleep is one of the most important things in any person’s life. Not only does it refresh you, but it is also crucial to maintaining your health. For this, Elevate provides you with top quality designer fittings that will not only allow you to have a good night’s sleep you deserve, but also give you more beautiful things to look at when you wake up every morning. Elevate stocks luxury bedroom furniture from internationally reputed and respected brands such as Ego Design, and the Italian powerhouse Santarossa. And, of course, no bedroom is complete without a mattress to rest on, so Elevate also gives you a chance to experience the American brand Sealy for yourself.

World's No. 1 mattress brand, Sealy now introduces its Posturepedic range.
World’s No. 1 mattress brand, Sealy now introduces its Posturepedic range.

What goes into making the average bedroom?

While the average Eastern taste (as far as the bedroom is concerned) over history has tended towards the ornate for the most part, the West affords more merit to simplicity and form than opulence. Elevate recognises the fact that in today’s world, appearances matter as much as functionality, and, combining the tradition of simplicity and function with the lush tastes of our native land, opts for the masters of the furnishing craft that bring together both ornate form and utterly practical function to create the best possible product.

While the bed is the most obvious piece of furniture one would expect, we like to cover all our bases. More and more builders are choosing to go with this model, and the typical bedroom in houses and flats today (be it a high rise or a complex of bungalows or villas) comes with a bed, closet, nightstand, dresser and a desk and chair.

The choices at hand

The options available to you are many. Both Santarossa and Ego Design offer comprehensive solutions in terms of bedroom fittings, with beds in different sizes, closets, chairs, desks and so on. Elevate Wardrobes is another brand option if you would like to have a modular wardrobe fitted in your bedroom rather than having a closet. Both the modular wardrobe and the closet could be like an armoire, or the walk-in style – which gives you more space to store your clothes and personal items in.

These brands combine modularity with design to give you bedroom fittings that range from simple to elaborate, classic to modern, even futuristic if your house or bedroom is designed that way. Luxury furniture can be both bespoke and premade for your convenience.

Sleep great with Sealy

For you to have the best rest possible, we have partnered with one of the oldest brands of mattresses in the world: the American giant, Sealy, which has made its way not only to the highest station in that country, but also to beds of happy customers around the world. Sealy mattresses are available in multiple sizes, materials and designs – even for pets and children. Whether you’re fitting your own bedroom, a guest room or nursery, the innovative Sealy has a mattress that you can use for just the purpose for an unmatched sleeping experience.

Crafting the Perfect Modular Wardrobe – by Elevate Wardrobes

In his play ‘Hamlet’, Shakespeare wrote that ‘the apparel oft proclaims the man’. Admittedly, that was the sixteenth century, and this is the twenty-first. But it is interesting to note that the statement still holds true: clothes are often the first thing we notice about someone. That line, it may be said, has become a driving force. Look good, people say. Look professional. Dress decently, or casually.

The point is, appearance matters – as does effectiveness – and Elevate has exactly this in mind when bringing you the modular wardrobes available in their Elevate Wardrobes & Kitchens, Santarossa and Ego Design range of furniture and home décor fittings. These don’t look good and function well, but also ensure that the clothes that contribute to your appearance are maintained.

A gloss-finished wardrobe to add a tad bit charm to your bed room.
A gloss-finished wardrobe to add a tad bit charm to your bed room.

What’s a modular wardrobe?

You must have heard of a modular kitchen, as it can be found in any flat of the swanky new complexes that are so popular these days, and people like throwing big words around. A modular wardrobe, though, is not as much a popular thing as far as terminology is concerned – even if it occurs with as much frequency as a modular kitchen. A module, in the furniture and furnishings world, refers to a part or unit that is assembled with other such units in order to make up a larger item of décor while being self-contained in its own right. Think of it as analogous to a set of Lego blocks: each piece is contained in its own right, but if you fit them together, you get something entirely different and wonderful. So just as you have a modular kitchen made up of individual parts (shelves, cupboards, cabinets, counters and so on),  you also get modular wardrobes that are constituted of individual sections that come together in perfect harmony.

A contemporary and chic range of exciting wardrobes to give your bed room the attention it deserves!
A contemporary and chic range of exciting wardrobes to give your bed room the attention it deserves!

Just how popular are modular wardrobes?

Very! Possibly even more than modular kitchens, because they are used not only by home builders, but also in hotels and guest houses and so on. And, in most places, the kitchen is one, but the rooms and bedrooms where the wardrobe may be fitted are many.

In reflection to this huge demand, modular wardrobes are available in a variety of styles to suit a range of budgets and spatial needs. You can opt for a cozy and compact wardrobe that fits neatly along one side or in a corner of the room, or a modular that functions like a walk-in closet in terms of size and storage options. Materials, colours and finishes vary accordingly.

Wardrobes that don't just help you organise your clothes, they are a style statement too.
Wardrobes that don’t just help you organise your clothes, they are a style statement too.

What are the brands available?

Elevate, which is based in Hyderabad, offers comprehensive furnishing solutions that can help you resign your home to reflect luxury while being affordable, or furnish your new home with quality fittings from top brands around the world. As far as names go, you can choose from the offerings of

Elevate’s own Modular Wardrobe line (which uses fittings from the German brand Hettich), or from the Italian Santarossa or the Ego Design ranges. All of which will give you modular wardrobe fittings that are internationally reputed, and a true reflection of spectacular design.