Natuzzi Italia – Italian Legacy Of Contemporary Furniture In Hyderabad

Remember that dream you had about lying down on a soft yet edgy Italian designer sofa, while you watch a romantic comedy on your TV? Yes, that dream can be turned into reality now with the arrival of an exclusive furniture collection by the celebrated Italian furniture label, Natuzzi Italia.

Natuzzi Italia


In fact, every dream you had about having a classy, head turning, jaw dropping house with magnificent contemporary furniture is a few kilometers away from turning into an awesome reality. How, you ask? Elevate X, that’s how. Elevate X is India’s largest boutique luxury furniture store has everything that can turn your house into a benchmark of contemporary triumph. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. True, but do you know what can be built in a span of a few days? – An Italian masterpiece of a house.

Elevate X brings you the essence of Italy with Natuzzi Italia, the legacy of contemporary luxury furniture that spans over almost a century. You will find yourself falling in love with the idea of decorating your home with their stylish designs. If you’re still reading this, you’re definitely into the idea of a classy and contemporary house, might as well read a few reasons as to why you must invest in Natuzzi Italia.

Natuzzi Italia is the perfect go to furniture styling option for you because –

They’re the TREND POLICE

We all have friends or colleagues, who have to correct our unconsciously made typo errors and our impromptu fashion experiments. Natuzzi Italia is that new friend of ours, who has just shifted to Hyderabad. They start the adventure of designing and implementing a good Italian furniture piece, only based on the latest trends, styles, materials, technology and everything else elite. So, yes, if someone visits your house they will always be definitely be startled because of excellent taste in luxury furniture.

They use the BEST and the most EDGY technology

When you see a product of Natuzzi Italia, you’ll always have a question in your mind. “How?” At Natuzzi, skilled artisans and the latest technology work together with efficiency to produce magnificent products. They have Italian factories, where they produce the finest of products that have you weak at your knees.

They have their own team of EXPERTS for every step

Passion and hard work are the foundations are the of their organisation. A team of passionate and highly skilled engineers, interior designers, stylists, colourists and artisans work really hard and together, produce the best of the contemporary pieces ever.


Isn’t that why you’re reading this? Stop looking, get in your car and drive to Elevate X and find the furniture made for your house. They have evolved over the decades to perfect a skillful luxury furniture collection that focus on effortlessly incorporating minimalistic elegance and abundant comfort. From stunning sofas to breathtaking beds, you will find everything that you saw in your dream there.


Originality is really important while expressing art in any form and Natuzzi Italia is the epitome of authenticity. With a team of skilled and talented experts, they create the best and the most original simplistic Italian furniture masterpieces. With their finesse and designs, they win hearts every day. Because originality is what we’re all looking for, aren’t we?

Turn your house into a place, you love coming home to. And a place people love coming to, to admire authenticity.  Passion and originality are the driving factors of Natuzzi, and passion is powerful. Visit Elevate X to gaze at some contemporary and artistic pieces of furniture. Promise, it will be a treat to your eyes.

Bedroom, Dining, Home & Living Room Furniture Showroom

Clean lines and sharp contours make owning furniture from this furniture showroom a delight. With its strong but light frame, the elegant furniture won’t disappoint. The contemporary furniture, laced with colours is a treat to own.

Our stunning Furniture showroom!

Inside Elevate, the eclectic furniture creates a fusion the contemporary and tradition. Elevate, as a furniture showroom, not only offers furniture that looks good, but is durable for use as well. As a furniture showroom, The Elevate has a lot to offer. Moving away from the traditional furniture, Elevate gives a new path to the future.

Each piece of furniture at a furniture showroom is designed with care. There are so many incredible pieces of furniture that are cohesive and bold in design at Elevate. With a seamless and comfortable combination of old and new styles, the wide range of furniture is a head turner.

Furniture Showroom

Why pick Elevate?

Elevate is a common ground for all new designs. As a furniture showroom, Elevate carries a wide range of furniture that creates an ethereal experience. With its strong angular features, this range will please anyone who likes clean lines and classic design.

With Italian and German furniture in abundance, the choice factor can be overwhelming. Figuring out the best style for your home is the first step. With the enthusiastic sales team at The Elevate store, picking the best design isn’t a hard task.

With the wide range, choosing is not an easy task. Elevate recognizes this difficulty and has divided the store into different sections to make things easier.

Each section of the store has is divided keeping in mind the different types of furniture. Each piece of furniture is especially curated to make for a beautiful home at the end of the day.

Why not head down and visit our showroom to discuss your requirements – the coffee and biscuits are on us, too.

Custom Furniture just for you only from Elevate

Building a home with custom furniture is not a commonly practiced method. What is it that sets your home apart then? Plan your house the way you want it to look like. Make it stand out with the custom furniture specially designed by Elevate, only in Hyderabad.

Furniture that makes your home stand out

Natuzzi brings a collection of extremely comfortable, chic and classy furniture that sets every home apart. Buy the best custom furniture from Elevate. Why stop looking when you can get the best?

Custom Furniture in Hyderabad

Whether it’s a clean and classic look or polished and sophisticated look, custom furniture makes everything more appealing. If the bedroom is the rest center of a home, then the living room is the heart and centre of the home, the room that people see as soon as they walk in.

The furniture that sets us apart

To make this room more special, you want to go for a touch of elegance, class and style together. This opportunity is brought to you by Elevate, the finest furniture stores in Hyderabad. unique furniture designs in Hyderabad have become the norm for most homes. It’s time to bring that trend into yours and make yours stand out from the rest.

Stand out from the rest of the other ordinary homes with custom furniture only from Elevate. Shop for specially designed furniture online, or buy specially designed furniture online in Hyderabad. Whatever option you choose, be rest assured that this is the best that could have happened to your home.

Elevate Hyderabad offers you the chance to decorate and style your home the way you want to. Natuzzi, along with Elevate brings you this special opportunity. Along with specialised furniture, Elevate also offers a host of different interior furniture. Take pride in what’s yours and design it your way.

Comfortable furniture just for you

Natuzzi at Elevate brings you comfortable and classy furniture. It’s always good to class up your home with furniture that is exactly to your taste. Thanks to Elevate, all your furnishing problems are solved in one go. With more than just simple furniture choices, Elevate has a whole range of exciting furniture lined up just for you.

With the festival season coming upon us, upgrade your home with specially designed furniture from Natuzzi. Shop online on the Elevate website or visit the Elevate store closest to you. Your home deserves the best and Elevate promises the best. Elevate promises you nothing short of perfection for you and for your home.

Living room furniture that blends utility and style

Sofas, wall units & wardrobes are essential living room furniture pieces. But people have varying opinions on utility and style.

Presenting the living room furniture collection.

Why choose utility or style when you can have both? Presenting Elevate’s living room furniture collection? Launched in 2013, Elevate is the place for luxury home furniture. They also have modular kitchens and wardrobes. The store houses several foreign brands.

The Natuzzi range is apt for your living room furniture collection. The range includes sofas and recliners by Natuzzi Re-vive. From low back sofas to chaise cushion sofas, you’ll find it all. What’s more? Well, you’ll find some cool love seat sofas too.

Living Room Furniture

Natuzzi makes use of two types of leather: Protecta and Natural. Genuine leather has scars, wrinkles and veining. Protecta is durable. It has got a uniform look. It also resists fading. It’s best suited for pet friendly homes.

Elevate is also home to Erba, a brand which oozes elegance. Erba sofas celebrate bold combinations of colour, style and design. Erba is another option for you to choose your living room furniture.

Living room furniture – It’s more than just sofas

Also a part of luxury living room furniture collection is Natuzzi Re-vive. This range of luxury recliners is right for your abode. It adjusts to your body shape. It aligns to your body movement. The result? A seamless transition from one reclining position to another.

Ego Design is another impressive brand. It’s got recliners, side units, bookcases, & wall units. They also create some cool dining sets.

Elevate is also home to other brands of living room furniture. These include storage units, cabinets, coffee tables and more. So, next time you are looking for living room furniture for your abode, do visit us.

Stylish sofas that speak volumes about you better than mere words can

Whether you call it a sofa or couch, this piece of home furniture has a hoary past. It’s history can be traced back to a couple of millennia to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2000-1700 BCE)!

stylish sofas

Lost and found

The word ‘sofa’ itself is likely derived from ‘suf’, the Arabic word for ‘wool’. In the beginning, sofas were beyond the reach of commoners and were reserved for the royal families, nobles, and the elite. For a millennium right up until about 400 years ago, the sofa was virtually forgotten in the upheaval that followed the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The sofa is a prime example of humanity’s preoccupation with comfort and leisure. Its “rediscovery” subsequently sparked a wave of renewed and democratised interest that eventually led to it being embraced by the masses. Today, regardless of whether you are well-to-do or comprise the vast middle class, the sofa is a must-have piece of furniture for your living room.

Elevate’s range of stylish sofas

Natuzzi is one of a few handpicked furniture brands showcased at Elevate, the luxury products arm of the Khazana Group, Hyderabad’s leading furniture company.

The Natuzzi range includes several types of stylish sofa made in and imported from Italy. Featuring premium leather, the sofas are contemporary in design and offer exquisite comfort. The colour palette celebrates explicit, warm tones.

The Natuzzi range includes standard sofas, full reclining sofas, standard cum full reclining sofas, sofas featuring high-grade stainless steel legs, low-back sofas, corner sofas, curved sofas, sectional sofas, ottoman & chaise cushion sofas and loveseat sofas.

The Natuzzi range of furniture comprising stylish sofas is available under the ‘Editions’ marquee.

Erna is another brand of luxury stylish sofas available at Elevate. Exemplifying cutting-edge chic, Erna sofas are an ode to elegance. Stunning, pure design aesthetics underscore Erna’s bold combinations of colour, style and design highlight. Flaunting impeccable upholstery, Erna sofas make use of premium leather that can be completely stripped and easily cleaned.

Home furniture minus luxury chairs is unimaginable

Like human civilisation, luxury chairs have evolved over the millennia. From works of rudimentary craftsmanship to chic seating solutions, luxury chairs for the discerning few have undergone a sea change. Today, home furniture is synonymous with luxury chairs to a great extent.

Luxury Chairs

Elevate’s home furniture range includes luxury chairs

Elevate, Hyderabad’s go-to place for luxury home furniture, also showcases the Natuzzi and Re-vive by Natuzzi collections of luxury chairs and recliners. Incidentally, the Natuzzi range includes luxury sofas.

The Natuzzi range of imported luxury chairs is made of 100% authentic Italian leather. The Re-vive range comprises recliners made using the same material.

The Natuzzi collection celebrates Italian originality, precision and sophistication. Natuzzi luxury chairs epitomise exquisite design, comfort and value. The colour palette of the Natuzzi collection helps paint a warm, energetic ambience.

The Re-vive recliners are all about letting you relax without the need for any manual adjustment. Re-vive recliners provide unparalleled support, comfort and a feeling of weightlessness. A Re-vive recliner virtually adapts to you and your movements so that you experience a seamless transition from one reclining position to another.

Re-vive recliners are available in a wide range of colour options.

Elevate’s collection of luxury chairs comprises several other world-class brands

At Elevate, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take for example the Erba range of luxury furniture, which includes several luxury chairs.

Erba is all about pure shades, bold combinations and elegance above all. The Erba range of pure 100% premium leather can be easily stripped and cleaned.

Ego Design is another brand that you may want to consider. ‘Innovative design solutions’ is the brand’s mantra. Cutting-edge design meets state-of-the-art technology from around the world for an aesthetic & functional accomplishment unlike any other. Ego Design is all about bespoke materials & home furniture design as unique as you.

The Best Italian Leather Sofas: The Lap of Luxury

Elevate, meaning to lift, is a brand that deals with luxury designer furniture for all those who love to live in style. It assures to guarantee its buyers with absolute satisfaction and does not disappoint in the least when it comes to delivering on what is promised. Based in the city of Hyderabad, the company is making a solid space for itself in the realm of best designer furniture that can transform your home in a sleek space of opulence and luxury that is a palpable presence within the four walls. Finely crafted Italian leather sofas and sofa sets are sure to afford you a look and comfort that few other pleasures in the world can match.

Luxury furniture

What is the big deal about Italian leather?

Admittedly, a wide variety of leathers and leather products are available in the market, and is a known fact that Italian leather products demand a high price. It is only natural to wonder what sets Italian leather apart from other forms of leather. After all, leather is made by treating the hide (skin) of an animal by a number of processes and with various materials.

The different kinds of leather are sorted on the basis of the type of ‘grain’. Good quality Italian leather is typically a full-grain type, meaning that the hide that was used to make the leather is ‘uncorrected’ and has minimum imperfections on its surface. Full grained leather, being the purest form of leather, has a very high breathability, and therefore retains less moisture from long periods of contact with skin. Instead of getting worn out as it ages, full grained leather develops a patina, which is a coating that forms with age and exposure to the elements.

The term ‘Italian leather’, of course, may be applied to any leather that originates in Italy, but when it comes to Elevate furniture, the highest quality leather is used in order to craft an exquisite product that will suit the tastes of anyone, whether your preferences run along the lines of trendy and modern, classic or simple.

The term ‘Italian leather’, of course, may be applied to any leather that originates in Italy, but when it comes to Elevate furniture, the highest quality leather is used in order to craft an exquisite product that will suit the tastes of anyone, whether your preferences run along the lines of trendy and modern, classic or simple.

Another L-shaped leather sofa from the house of Natuzzi Editions
Another L-shaped leather sofa from the house of Natuzzi Editions

A look at the brand

Elevate furniture’s premier Italian sofas are by the Italian brand Natuzzi. The Natuzzi Editions series is an exclusive collection of beautifully crafted sofas that are sure to please any palate. Guaranteeing unmatched comfort and value for your money, this inspired collection of quality Italian sofas are your ideal pick if you are seeking a finely tuned precision and uniqueness along with a sense of sophistication that is so closely associated with the best Italian leather sofas.

Italian leather sofas from Elevate are designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the present day customer, and they are therefore refreshingly new and have a decidedly contemporary feel to them. For those who prefer the time tested silhouettes of the days long past, there are also sofa models that cater to this need, and edgier ones that you can use to create a one-of-a-kind look where antique meets modern. In terms of colour, Italian sofas by the company are available in neutral, cool and warm tones to suit a wide range of homes, so go ahead and choose your seat of luxury!

Recharge with Natuzzi Revive recliners only at Elevate

Also known as an armchair, a lounger, or a reclining chair, Natuzzi recliner is a single-seat sofa or chair that has a backrest which can be declined so as to give the user the luxury of ‘reclining’. Many recliners these days come with adjustable foot stools for added comfort. Natuzzi’s highly lauded recliners, available through the Elevate furniture company in India, are unique in their level of innovation, and provide a level of satisfaction like no other, allowing you a holistic rest and leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to face a new day. These recliners are available through the ‘Revive’ line of products by the Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi.

The world's first performance recliner by Natuzzi, exclusively at elevate
The world’s first performance recliner by Natuzzi, exclusively at Elevate

What is Revive all about?

In order to understand what sets Natuzzi Revive apart from other recliners available, let us take a comprehensive look at the features of the Revive recliner that you can get from Elevate.

  • One-of-a-kind convenience: Natuzzi Revive recliners employ a number of patented designs that are intended to provide you, the user, with a seamless experience when you are using the recliner. The backrest of the Revive moves as you do. The recliner adjusts almost intuitively when you change your position by responding to your natural movements. This seamless shifting takes away the need to strain and manually adjust the recliner, while also providing you with a gentle rocking motion to soothe you, your body and mind.
  • An experiment in minimalism: Despite its complex look and finish, this elegant chair uses only seven component assemblies, making it easy to replace if the need ever arises, and greatly reducing the chance of malfunction on any level. The recliner is also surprisingly light, as it uses a lightweight injected polymer as far as possible, with steel only being used where it is needed.
  • Tougher than it looks:The Natuzzi Revive reclining chair is made to be durable and strong. It is crafted using materials that combine flexibility with strength, using both polymer composite and flexible polymer for the spine and shell. In addition to the outer materials, the chair’s main steel mechanism (which controls the functionality) is finished with a coating of smooth powder for additional reinforcement and seamless function. Besides the strictly controlled and supervised manufacturing processes, all the products go through a rigorous quality check procedure in order to ensure maximum longevity of the recliner.
  • A sleek performer:The ground bearing of the recliner is crafted from stainless steel in order to provide the requisite support and for smooth performance when you use the recliner. And, in keeping with the performance-oriented design of the Natuzzi Revive recliners, the wheels are made of a finely finished polymer for a seamless glide that will not leave any harsh marks on your floor.
  • Made with a green thumb: Natuzzi, andElevate, are highly conscious of the need to preserve the sanctity of the environment, therefore, the Revive recliners are made using recycled raw materials as far as possible. Furthermore, they are intended to be recyclable even at the end of their life.

When you use the Revive recliner, prepare to be cocooned in comfortable luxury as your body recharges, and you spirit is revitalized.