Home furniture minus luxury chairs is unimaginable

Like human civilisation, luxury chairs have evolved over the millennia. From works of rudimentary craftsmanship to chic seating solutions, luxury chairs for the discerning few have undergone a sea change. Today, home furniture is synonymous with luxury chairs to a great extent.

Luxury Chairs

Elevate’s home furniture range includes luxury chairs

Elevate, Hyderabad’s go-to place for luxury home furniture, also showcases the Natuzzi and Re-vive by Natuzzi collections of luxury chairs and recliners. Incidentally, the Natuzzi range includes luxury sofas.

The Natuzzi range of imported luxury chairs is made of 100% authentic Italian leather. The Re-vive range comprises recliners made using the same material.

The Natuzzi collection celebrates Italian originality, precision and sophistication. Natuzzi luxury chairs epitomise exquisite design, comfort and value. The colour palette of the Natuzzi collection helps paint a warm, energetic ambience.

The Re-vive recliners are all about letting you relax without the need for any manual adjustment. Re-vive recliners provide unparalleled support, comfort and a feeling of weightlessness. A Re-vive recliner virtually adapts to you and your movements so that you experience a seamless transition from one reclining position to another.

Re-vive recliners are available in a wide range of colour options.

Elevate’s collection of luxury chairs comprises several other world-class brands

At Elevate, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take for example the Erba range of luxury furniture, which includes several luxury chairs.

Erba is all about pure shades, bold combinations and elegance above all. The Erba range of pure 100% premium leather can be easily stripped and cleaned.

Ego Design is another brand that you may want to consider. ‘Innovative design solutions’ is the brand’s mantra. Cutting-edge design meets state-of-the-art technology from around the world for an aesthetic & functional accomplishment unlike any other. Ego Design is all about bespoke materials & home furniture design as unique as you.

Recharge with Natuzzi Revive recliners only at Elevate

Also known as an armchair, a lounger, or a reclining chair, Natuzzi recliner is a single-seat sofa or chair that has a backrest which can be declined so as to give the user the luxury of ‘reclining’. Many recliners these days come with adjustable foot stools for added comfort. Natuzzi’s highly lauded recliners, available through the Elevate furniture company in India, are unique in their level of innovation, and provide a level of satisfaction like no other, allowing you a holistic rest and leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to face a new day. These recliners are available through the ‘Revive’ line of products by the Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi.

The world's first performance recliner by Natuzzi, exclusively at elevate
The world’s first performance recliner by Natuzzi, exclusively at Elevate

What is Revive all about?

In order to understand what sets Natuzzi Revive apart from other recliners available, let us take a comprehensive look at the features of the Revive recliner that you can get from Elevate.

  • One-of-a-kind convenience: Natuzzi Revive recliners employ a number of patented designs that are intended to provide you, the user, with a seamless experience when you are using the recliner. The backrest of the Revive moves as you do. The recliner adjusts almost intuitively when you change your position by responding to your natural movements. This seamless shifting takes away the need to strain and manually adjust the recliner, while also providing you with a gentle rocking motion to soothe you, your body and mind.
  • An experiment in minimalism: Despite its complex look and finish, this elegant chair uses only seven component assemblies, making it easy to replace if the need ever arises, and greatly reducing the chance of malfunction on any level. The recliner is also surprisingly light, as it uses a lightweight injected polymer as far as possible, with steel only being used where it is needed.
  • Tougher than it looks:The Natuzzi Revive reclining chair is made to be durable and strong. It is crafted using materials that combine flexibility with strength, using both polymer composite and flexible polymer for the spine and shell. In addition to the outer materials, the chair’s main steel mechanism (which controls the functionality) is finished with a coating of smooth powder for additional reinforcement and seamless function. Besides the strictly controlled and supervised manufacturing processes, all the products go through a rigorous quality check procedure in order to ensure maximum longevity of the recliner.
  • A sleek performer:The ground bearing of the recliner is crafted from stainless steel in order to provide the requisite support and for smooth performance when you use the recliner. And, in keeping with the performance-oriented design of the Natuzzi Revive recliners, the wheels are made of a finely finished polymer for a seamless glide that will not leave any harsh marks on your floor.
  • Made with a green thumb: Natuzzi, andElevate, are highly conscious of the need to preserve the sanctity of the environment, therefore, the Revive recliners are made using recycled raw materials as far as possible. Furthermore, they are intended to be recyclable even at the end of their life.

When you use the Revive recliner, prepare to be cocooned in comfortable luxury as your body recharges, and you spirit is revitalized.