Leather Sofas and the Ways to Decorate Your House using them.

Leathers are always known to be a class apart when it comes to furniture, let’s read through some of the best-known ways to decorate one’s house with the leather Sofa.


Leather sofa


Generally, the word ‘Leather’ will fill your head with pictures of road cruisers and dark, chrome, riders and more. But reconsider. In the present, leather is one of the most loved materials amongst the “fashionistas” and designers alike. Similarly suited to classic or contemporary settings, beautifying with leather sofa has turned out to be genuinely ageless. Furthermore, it’s anything but difficult to perceive why. Hard-wearing yet soft, robust yet sumptuous, leather is a chic, snazzy material that suits even the most dynamic lifestyle. If you need to give a luxury touch to your home, leather sofa are the best way to do it.

Surface Mix

Leather sofa can bring about a look that is icy or stark. So, make sure that your space consolidates a satisfying equalisation of surfaces. Play off a leather sofa textured surface with an extravagant sew toss, striped cushions, or burlap window ornament boards. Match your most loved leather rocking chair with a tufted fleece floor covering. Or, add zest to your lounge area with a blend of leather side seats and slip covered easy chairs. This fantastic material mix will make a space that is welcoming to the eye.

Shading and Finish

While impartial leather sofa are a well known, exemplary decision, your choices aren’t constrained to shades of dark, brown and white. Leather sofa are accessible in each shade of the rainbow, and in a stunning exhibit of completions, as well. Influence a sprinkle with a Moroccan pouffe in an intense yellow or hot pink, to include some character with a couch shrouded in natural leather, or grasp the extraordinary with decorated conceals that copy ostrich or crocodile. Need something all the calmer yet similarly striking? The light shimmer of a metallic leather sofa is a straightforward and on-drift approach to add a tinge of fabulousness to any space.

Leather sofa Decorated Accents

Leather’s shiny complete makes it a perfect surface for included embellishments. Think about a rocking chair with nailhead trim, a stool or Chesterfield couch with all-finished tufting, a headboard with uncovered sewing, or a leather finished work area with gold nails. These little touches raise leather sofa from something ordinary into something in vogue; something normal into something genuinely extraordinary.

Things to take into consideration while buying leather sofas

Leather sofas always make a great statement. They are there for the long run, without changing majorly in terms of appearance or style. Below are the following points to consider while buying leather sofas:

leather sofas


Genuine leather and full-grain leather last longer than faux leather and other leather substitutes. If maintained properly, the leather furniture should last 10–15 years or more. Durability should always be taken into consideration before a long term investment.

Filling used in your cushion

Some types of leather furniture come with fixed cushions. The cushions are sewn to the frame which results in only an upholstery shop being able to dismantle your furniture and refurbish your cushions. This can be costly when the time comes to do so. Getting loose cushions is the recommended option and allows you to clean around them and re-stuff them when they have become worn.

The process followed while making the furniture – leather sofas

Premium leather is the leather that requires no corrections before coloring (tanning). Leather requiring correction is often corrected via sanding, pigment coloring, embossing or a combination of the three. Premium leather is more expensive than the corrected leather which is the least expensive. The more correction needed on the leather the less supple and natural the leather will be.

These are just some of the things you should consider while buying leather sofas. Furniture like this is an investment for a lifetime and you really never want to go with them. The type, form, the make and the style all increase the value of the sofas.

At Elevate, we understand that every room makes its own statement. Add a leather sofa to the mix and the class factor goes up even more. Here, we take care of everything for you. We work from the beginning to the end, to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Visit: www.theelevate.in to order your customized leather sofa now.

Create decorative niches with custom furniture

When you’re looking at buying furniture, it’s always a good idea to get a clear and strong grip on the different kinds of furniture available. Custom furniture has become exceedingly popular as designing your home becomes an extremely simple task. Here are a few reasons why you should look at investing in custom furniture rather than in ready-made furniture.

Why use custom furniture to decorate your home?

Easy to own and maintain: Do you want cupboards with a unique design but not able to find it? Do you want a spacious storage area for your bedroom but nothing seems to click? Do you want a sliding door for your cupboard but the aesthetics just don’t match? All these questions have one simple answer! Customized cabinets. The beauty of custom furniture is that you can make and design your furniture the way you want it, with a fair amount of your style and designs in each piece.

Custom furniture

Just the right design: Designing a home with ready-made furniture can be very tricky. Not all pieces would match, giving the room a really weird look. With custom furniture, you can design your home EXACTLY the way you want it. You could have a huge bed in the middle of the room and another unique side table, giving the room a wonderful look.

Quality: When investing in furniture, looking at quality becomes a very serious and daunting task. You can never tell if the pieces are made perfectly. Thankfully, things have become easier with the advent and increasing popularity of custom furniture. When you’re designing your home with custom furniture, buying separate pieces and putting them together ensures that the quality of the end product is flawless and perfect.

A fitting finish!

What is the point of every home looking identical to the other? You may source your furniture from different places but the end result always makes your home look like another’s home. Ready-made furniture destroys the uniqueness, making things dull and mundane.
Often overlooked, but one of the most significant aspect of buying furniture is whether it would work with rest of the decor in your house. With custom furniture, you can create something that matches the walls, the floor or the other furniture pieces.

Contact us today or visit our furniture showroom to see how these pieces can add a special touch to your home.

Custom Furniture just for you only from Elevate

Building a home with custom furniture is not a commonly practiced method. What is it that sets your home apart then? Plan your house the way you want it to look like. Make it stand out with the custom furniture specially designed by Elevate, only in Hyderabad.

Furniture that makes your home stand out

Natuzzi brings a collection of extremely comfortable, chic and classy furniture that sets every home apart. Buy the best custom furniture from Elevate. Why stop looking when you can get the best?

Custom Furniture in Hyderabad

Whether it’s a clean and classic look or polished and sophisticated look, custom furniture makes everything more appealing. If the bedroom is the rest center of a home, then the living room is the heart and centre of the home, the room that people see as soon as they walk in.

The furniture that sets us apart

To make this room more special, you want to go for a touch of elegance, class and style together. This opportunity is brought to you by Elevate, the finest furniture stores in Hyderabad. unique furniture designs in Hyderabad have become the norm for most homes. It’s time to bring that trend into yours and make yours stand out from the rest.

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Elevate Hyderabad offers you the chance to decorate and style your home the way you want to. Natuzzi, along with Elevate brings you this special opportunity. Along with specialised furniture, Elevate also offers a host of different interior furniture. Take pride in what’s yours and design it your way.

Comfortable furniture just for you

Natuzzi at Elevate brings you comfortable and classy furniture. It’s always good to class up your home with furniture that is exactly to your taste. Thanks to Elevate, all your furnishing problems are solved in one go. With more than just simple furniture choices, Elevate has a whole range of exciting furniture lined up just for you.

With the festival season coming upon us, upgrade your home with specially designed furniture from Natuzzi. Shop online on the Elevate website or visit the Elevate store closest to you. Your home deserves the best and Elevate promises the best. Elevate promises you nothing short of perfection for you and for your home.

Stylish sofas that speak volumes about you better than mere words can

Whether you call it a sofa or couch, this piece of home furniture has a hoary past. It’s history can be traced back to a couple of millennia to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2000-1700 BCE)!

stylish sofas

Lost and found

The word ‘sofa’ itself is likely derived from ‘suf’, the Arabic word for ‘wool’. In the beginning, sofas were beyond the reach of commoners and were reserved for the royal families, nobles, and the elite. For a millennium right up until about 400 years ago, the sofa was virtually forgotten in the upheaval that followed the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The sofa is a prime example of humanity’s preoccupation with comfort and leisure. Its “rediscovery” subsequently sparked a wave of renewed and democratised interest that eventually led to it being embraced by the masses. Today, regardless of whether you are well-to-do or comprise the vast middle class, the sofa is a must-have piece of furniture for your living room.

Elevate’s range of stylish sofas

Natuzzi is one of a few handpicked furniture brands showcased at Elevate, the luxury products arm of the Khazana Group, Hyderabad’s leading furniture company.

The Natuzzi range includes several types of stylish sofa made in and imported from Italy. Featuring premium leather, the sofas are contemporary in design and offer exquisite comfort. The colour palette celebrates explicit, warm tones.

The Natuzzi range includes standard sofas, full reclining sofas, standard cum full reclining sofas, sofas featuring high-grade stainless steel legs, low-back sofas, corner sofas, curved sofas, sectional sofas, ottoman & chaise cushion sofas and loveseat sofas.

The Natuzzi range of furniture comprising stylish sofas is available under the ‘Editions’ marquee.

Erna is another brand of luxury stylish sofas available at Elevate. Exemplifying cutting-edge chic, Erna sofas are an ode to elegance. Stunning, pure design aesthetics underscore Erna’s bold combinations of colour, style and design highlight. Flaunting impeccable upholstery, Erna sofas make use of premium leather that can be completely stripped and easily cleaned.

The Best Italian Leather Sofas: The Lap of Luxury

Elevate, meaning to lift, is a brand that deals with luxury designer furniture for all those who love to live in style. It assures to guarantee its buyers with absolute satisfaction and does not disappoint in the least when it comes to delivering on what is promised. Based in the city of Hyderabad, the company is making a solid space for itself in the realm of best designer furniture that can transform your home in a sleek space of opulence and luxury that is a palpable presence within the four walls. Finely crafted Italian leather sofas and sofa sets are sure to afford you a look and comfort that few other pleasures in the world can match.

Luxury furniture

What is the big deal about Italian leather?

Admittedly, a wide variety of leathers and leather products are available in the market, and is a known fact that Italian leather products demand a high price. It is only natural to wonder what sets Italian leather apart from other forms of leather. After all, leather is made by treating the hide (skin) of an animal by a number of processes and with various materials.

The different kinds of leather are sorted on the basis of the type of ‘grain’. Good quality Italian leather is typically a full-grain type, meaning that the hide that was used to make the leather is ‘uncorrected’ and has minimum imperfections on its surface. Full grained leather, being the purest form of leather, has a very high breathability, and therefore retains less moisture from long periods of contact with skin. Instead of getting worn out as it ages, full grained leather develops a patina, which is a coating that forms with age and exposure to the elements.

The term ‘Italian leather’, of course, may be applied to any leather that originates in Italy, but when it comes to Elevate furniture, the highest quality leather is used in order to craft an exquisite product that will suit the tastes of anyone, whether your preferences run along the lines of trendy and modern, classic or simple.

The term ‘Italian leather’, of course, may be applied to any leather that originates in Italy, but when it comes to Elevate furniture, the highest quality leather is used in order to craft an exquisite product that will suit the tastes of anyone, whether your preferences run along the lines of trendy and modern, classic or simple.

Another L-shaped leather sofa from the house of Natuzzi Editions
Another L-shaped leather sofa from the house of Natuzzi Editions

A look at the brand

Elevate furniture’s premier Italian sofas are by the Italian brand Natuzzi. The Natuzzi Editions series is an exclusive collection of beautifully crafted sofas that are sure to please any palate. Guaranteeing unmatched comfort and value for your money, this inspired collection of quality Italian sofas are your ideal pick if you are seeking a finely tuned precision and uniqueness along with a sense of sophistication that is so closely associated with the best Italian leather sofas.

Italian leather sofas from Elevate are designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the present day customer, and they are therefore refreshingly new and have a decidedly contemporary feel to them. For those who prefer the time tested silhouettes of the days long past, there are also sofa models that cater to this need, and edgier ones that you can use to create a one-of-a-kind look where antique meets modern. In terms of colour, Italian sofas by the company are available in neutral, cool and warm tones to suit a wide range of homes, so go ahead and choose your seat of luxury!