Dining table set; choose your perfect pick

The dining table is not just limited to furniture anymore. With working class rapidly increasing, it’s the only meeting spot where you hear stories from your family members. Be it hot gossips, serious problems or some news, everything breaks out here, over a meal, it unites. Therefore, a proper dining table set becomes even more critical to build strong bodings.

dining table set

Before your pick, you first need to know why, where and by how many people the dining table set will be used. Even the placement of dining table matters; if the table is an extension of kitchen or family room, you can also use it for other purposes. Your perfect pick will be spot on if you answer these questions beforehand and Have an idea of the possible shape, size, and style. The table needs to allow for the number of diners sit comfortably and still have enough space to walk around it. The width must at least be 90 centimeters wide leaving adequate space for keeping the plates & bowls. Here are some dining table designs for you, pick wisely!

The Round dining table design

These tables are for the nuclear family with three-four members. They look best in a square-shaped room and make it appear more spacious. It creates coziness and ignites intimacy in the air. Since it doesn’t have corners, you can also add chairs for your guests and enjoy the meal time. If you’re looking for a Dining Table set with better leg-space, go for Pedestal tables.

Refined Rectangular

A rectangular dining table set is the most preferred and familiar shape. Since most dining rooms are rectangular, this form complements the best. It’s the best choice for more than four people. These can also be flexible since many of them come with leaves that can extend the length. It’s always a perfect choice for both form and functionality.

Sweet square

Like the circle, a square dining table set design suits the best in a sweet-squared room. It brings the family and friends more close, both literally and metaphorically. Reaching out for your favorite dish can be a struggle with large tables while squares help you reach them quick enough to refill your bowl and finish it all.

Oval dining table set

Such a set brings the best of both worlds. Choosing from a square and rectangular dining design can be confusing. So, the oval one is your call. Intimacy will be retained in the air like square & circle one and will perfectly go with a more extensive guest list. You can even accommodate more guests by adding a few more chairs. Pedestal oval dining set design gives enough legs space too if that’s what bothers you. These tables effortlessly complement all occasions; decorative, traditional or contemporary anything!

Lazy susan feature

Like the name calls, for all those lazy ones out there, lazy susan feature is your perfect choice. You can spin it and get your plates full easily. No more struggles in reaching out for your favorite dish. They appear classy and elegant as well apart from taking care of your comfort, just a piece your dining room needs.

Apart from these styles and shapes, there are quite a few options in materials as well. Choose your pick right with elevate; we design your way.