Dining table- Tips to choose the perfect fit for your home

Dining tables are where family bonds together. If we ask, you can easily remember at least 10 memorable moments you had while dining. Be it a holiday, or an everyday breakfast, a dining table is where we make memories. That said, the first thing to keep in mind while selecting a dining table is to confirm that it stays fit for a longer time. The style of your dining table sets a standard and defines your taste as a person. So, let’s see how we can choose the perfect dining table for your home.

Size of the space:

Yes, it seems exciting to buy a new piece of furniture, but before going to explore the world of furniture, it’s better to get an idea of how much space you want your dining table to cover. So, take a tape, and get measuring your space. Decide on optimal space requirements so that it still leaves space to walk around the area and not make the place congested. A thumb rule to decide on the size depends on whether or not your home has a designated room for dining. If yes, go for a spacious one, else make sure you opt for relatively smaller ones.

Shape and design of the dining table:

The shape and design make the most of how the dining table adds value to your space. There are usually 4 types of shaped surfaces. Rectangle, Square, Circular, and Oval. Rectangle-shaped dining tables are the most common to find, and there are a vast number of models in the range. Square ones don’t take much space, which is most opted for homes with less number of people. Same applies to circular but takes more space than a square one because of the arrangement of chairs around it. Oval type dining tables go well with narrow spaces, where we can fit more people, and still leave space to walk around.

Dining table

Coming to the design of the table, a trestle design is sturdier, so this model is most opted by those who have more visitors. A pedestal shaped bottom is the one where only one leg extends from the surface. It is supported by 4 or 3 extended legs at the bottom. These are less stable than trestle, so is most commonly found in square and circular shaped tables. And there are legs based tables, which allow free leg space than the former 2 designs.

Selection based on style:

The selection of style, material, and setting of the dining table is the final step. So, this step is based on personal preferences and interiors of the home. There are a countless number of models in dining tables, but the right one should reflect its surroundings. Let’s go through some styles of interiors.

Country style: These reflect the raw beauty of nature, and are made of Wood.

Classic style: Pieces with distinctive designs like curved legs and reflective surfaces.

Modern style: Creations that have straight lines and patterns, straight-edged, and minimal design aspects. Usually made with Wood, glass, or metal.

Scandinavian style: Pieces that reflect the sleek and minimal design.

Along with these, have an eye out for chairs and their design too. Make sure whatever you choose should stay in harmony with the interiors of the space. With these handy tips and suggestions, we hope your journey to choosing a perfect dining table get easier. If yes, check out more of our blogs to learn more about furniture and its role in our daily lives. Pay a visit to our stores as the lockdown ends to witness finesse in luxury.