Home Interior Design: A Small Shift from Ordinary To Magical

As a matter of fact, the best things come in small packages. Actually, as the saying goes, ‘’Small things done in strategic places, create major impact.’’ It is true that there is nothing like an overnight transformation. However, when tiny changes combine, they create a new realm all together. Thereby, the same follows suit for home interior designs too.

Home Interior Design

The best part about small home interior changes is they can be redone easily. Transformation does not always have to be a drastic makeover. We show you how:

Let There Be Light

First and foremost, lighting goes a long way in changing the mood of a room. Infact, the best designers advise that you should avoid one major lighting fixture. Instead, spread it out. Ensure you have lights in all corners of the room. Further, mix it up with ceiling and floor lights. Next, try to incorporate various styles of lighting in your Home Interior Designs. These include natural, accent and task.

Primarily, accent light highlights a particular object. On the contrary, ambient light illuminates an entire space. Further, task lights are function-oriented. It is sensible to play around with all these types. Also, regular fixtures are boring. Instead, opt for statement shapes and Home interior designs. As a matter of fact, when you fill in the gaps of darkness, the difference you see will be enlightening!

Home Interior Designs Style The Surfaces

Second, it is crucial that your surface furniture make a statement. As a result, ensure that you personalise your coffee tables and sideboards, for quality home interior design. Use quirky table covers and mats or alternate your arrangements!  For example, marble slabs on wooden tables look vintage and polished. Additionally, the accessories you put on top add their two-bit.

Less is More

 Next, home interior design thrives on space. The best way to create space, is to declutter. Infact, most designers suggest beginning from the bedroom. It is wise to donate or pack away unnecessary decorative items. Further, the arrangement of furniture is a deciding factor. Also, chunky furniture can make a room appear smaller than it is. Hence, the key would be to choose petite pieces. Next, lay them out in a way that does not choke the scale of the room.

Home Interior Designs Tapestry of Change

 Further, a quick change for home interior design is to experiment with window treatments. For example, some people like to follow the style of the season. For winter, they go for merlots and velvets. On the other hand, summer sees a lot of white lace and satin.

Additionally, the same applies to upholstery. Infact, sofa fabric should be changed every twice a year, at minimum.


Next, one of the best ways to add interest in home interior design is using accessories. Play with textures. For example, you can have accent pillows in varying fabrics and hues. Alternatively, opt for decorations that reflect your style. Stained glass, metal, filigree what have you. Make sure you use a variety of materials that look and feel distinct.

The W Word

Finally, an accent wall can work wonders in room transformation. Infact, a pop of colour can create excitement within home interior design. Although, an accent wall comes with some rules that you must follow. First, it should highlight a focal point. Second, an accent wall does not have to be a gaudy colour. Instead, you can experiment with textures such as leather. Also, wallpaper can come to the rescue in case you are out of options.