Things to take into consideration while buying leather sofas

Leather sofas always make a great statement. They are there for the long run, without changing majorly in terms of appearance or style. Below are the following points to consider while buying leather sofas:

leather sofas


Genuine leather and full-grain leather last longer than faux leather and other leather substitutes. If maintained properly, the leather furniture should last 10–15 years or more. Durability should always be taken into consideration before a long term investment.

Filling used in your cushion

Some types of leather furniture come with fixed cushions. The cushions are sewn to the frame which results in only an upholstery shop being able to dismantle your furniture and refurbish your cushions. This can be costly when the time comes to do so. Getting loose cushions is the recommended option and allows you to clean around them and re-stuff them when they have become worn.

The process followed while making the furniture – leather sofas

Premium leather is the leather that requires no corrections before coloring (tanning). Leather requiring correction is often corrected via sanding, pigment coloring, embossing or a combination of the three. Premium leather is more expensive than the corrected leather which is the least expensive. The more correction needed on the leather the less supple and natural the leather will be.

These are just some of the things you should consider while buying leather sofas. Furniture like this is an investment for a lifetime and you really never want to go with them. The type, form, the make and the style all increase the value of the sofas.

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