Luxurious bedroom with Contemporary beds

A bedroom is the modern day’s sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation and more. Even the most modern and luxurious bedroom cannot be complete without a relaxing and comforting bed. So, without an iota of doubt, the bed can be dubbed as “the soul of a bedroom.” You can choose any bed of your choice. Though, it shall not just be modern but must complement the bedroom’s interior design and the overall space.

Luxury bedroom

Your luxurious bedroom is the most intimate space in your home. So the design you choose must be an apt reflection of your interior design style. Layering is every interior designer’s answer towards setting up a luxury bedroom. It all starts with a bespoke bed to create a showpiece for the room. From there, enfold yourself with soft textures – Egyptian cotton bed linen, costly throws, pillows and rugs – all set under a shade of soft lighting.

Rules for a Neoclassical-style luxurious bedroom

1) The balance between the different parts

What is the first rule of Neoclassicism or a Neoclassical-style bedroom, you may ask? It is simply the concept of balance. The beauty and power of the Neoclassical-style are unmatched.

In this respect, we need to bear in mind one thing. That is, to fashion a Neoclassical-style master bedroom, we must steer clear of filling up our space with an overdose of furniture in it.

Make sure to pick up the right furnishing for your bedroom. Here is a list of the significant pieces of furniture that you cannot afford to miss from a Neoclassical-style luxurious bedroom:

  • King size bed: Needless to say, it must be elegant and massive. It can also be adorned with soft sculpted décors.
  • Two bed stands: They give the bed its edge but never overshadow its centrality.
  • A closet: In a formal and refined style, a must-have for a bedroom of its stature.
  • A coffee table with two armchairs: Though not necessary, they can still add a touch of elegance and luxury. For they set the room in a timeless dimension.

The entire room furniture cannot be a standalone piece of furniture. But they must be centred on the bed. To attract attention to it, always place the bed in the middle of the main wall. In Neoclassical style bedrooms, the bed must be the central point of attraction. It is alluring enough to catch the gaze of anyone who walks in.

Selecting the right bed and positioning is vital to create a Neoclassical-style bedroom. It is this focal point which sets the harmonious balance linking the bedroom sections, the furniture and the décor.

2) Framing the bed

Since the bed is the focal element in your room, decorating the wall or framing the bed frame, for instance, can be an essential Neoclassical-style element. The curvy lines of mortar decorations or the stylish geometry of sober wallpaper can give that unique Neoclassical touch to your bedroom, without overdoing it.

Neoclassical style means timeless shapes and serene spirit at the same time: don’t forget this basic rule as you pick up each decorative element. However, this does not mean you should give up on luxury. Luxury can come out in all its shapes and materials.

The bed frame is normally rectangular and massive made up of a soft and padded fabric. Light cream, white or beige leather is ultimate for the perfect Neoclassical-style bed frame.

3) Fabrics and lighting

To craft a Neoclassical-style bedroom, we will also make use of curtains, bedspreads, cushions, quilts and lamps of any sort. Curtains must be big and frame the windows with loads of heavy fabric. Choose curtains with intense colours (though not too bright). The same goes for the cushions and the bedspread. However, the decorative frame of the curtains, they should not diminish the bedroom poise.

Lighting is another indispensable element when creating a Neoclassical-style bedroom. Lighting must enhance the furniture. It must be soft, yet persistent suiting the sleeping quarters. Thus, you can place floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights tactically around the room. Also, when choosing which areas to illuminate, always follow aesthetics like setting your lamps to underscore central furnishing elements and exclusive décors.

Neoclassical style bedroom: a fusion of elegance and sobriety

While there’s no doubt that a Neoclassical-style bedroom is a luxury bedroom, it must not be overly decorated. It is also perfectly fine to have a sober room as long as it is classy and refined.

Once you’ve got your Neoclassical-style bedroom furnished, let yourself be taken away by the atmosphere you created in its magical environment. For it is where you’ll enjoy the privacy of luxury and rest for a dreamy affair.

At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.