Luxury furniture to style your home this Festive season

Everyone needs a little luxury in his or her home. Thankfully, luxury furniture delivers it in a very decorative style. There’s really no reason why luxurious touches can’t be included. This is so as you’re only limited by imagination and budget. Even one luxurious piece of furniture can make a space truly special. Actually, luxury is something that is conducive to lavish life. And that includes elements which are elegant, opulent and indulgent.



Luxury Funiture


Elements of Luxury

One of the easiest luxury furnishings to include in a room is a chair. It is an ideal piece to lounge in, read or sit and chat with friends. The fabrics, shapes and designs of luxury chairs are distinctive and comfortable. The meaning of luxury is to feel great, indulged and transported to a new place. In fact, settling into a deeply tufted armchair gives you those sensations right away. A round armchair’s elegant shape is formal. This type of luxury furniture makes it an excellent choice for a living room or bedroom.


Traditional luxury furniture

Regular styles offer plenty of options for luxury furniture. This is because the patterned upholstery, serious lines and highly ornamented wood are often relatable to lavish surroundings. Thus, it gives the overall feel to be real and formal.


The Rococo style furniture

A true example of luxury, the living room includes all sorts of elements that elevate it. From the gilded chandelier to the amply tufted furnishings, your room can be replete with signs of style and splendour. A padded and quoted wall panel flanked by thinner wall panels that feature mirrors set the stage. The luxury furniture, keeping to a neutral palette, along with a curvy contour can be padded in a cushy fabric. The grand coffee table can also have hallmark features of rococo style with grandly curved legs.


Neutral coloured Furniture

Neutral colours are a grand foundation for an elegant room. Details like accented armrests on the sofa and the cable-style quilting on the classic armchair elevate the luxury furniture. A mirror in a gold frame reflecting the silk draperies enhances the lavish feeling further.


Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms are another place for luxury styles to shine. This modern setting features two-tone chairs in plush materials and a pedestal table with a modern base. The mid-century modern chandelier is a possible fitting accent for the room. It artfully mixes styles with the addition of a classical bust on an unusual styled pillar table.


Contemporary Room Furniture

A little more modest yet no less striking, the modern room furniture melds a variety of pieces that come together in quiet luxury. Each piece of luxury furniture is special. However, they all blend in harmony for a more casual feeling of opulence. A rare armoire with an unusual finish, large coffee tables and furry ottomans are the dominant furniture pieces, all in neutral tones. The printed armchairs and rugs can provide added colour to the scheme.


High-end Dining Furniture

Equally plush and more eclectic, this luxury dining room has a variety of high-end elements. Stressing on the crimson walls by the folded silk draperies, the furnishings can be of the classic baroque style. Dining chairs are also Baroque. They are also upholstered in silk and adorned with ornate carvings. Design accents like the lamps and cases are classical.


Regal Bedroom Furniture

In the bedroom, you can define luxury in several ways. Not only the decor and design, even the amenities in the bedroom also make a huge difference. Here, the Baroque style of wall design comprises a luxury closet with elegant drawer storage as well as room for hanging clothes. Of course, the bed, furnishings and fittings too fit with the Baroque scheme.


A regal bed means the peak of luxury for your personal space. A deeply tufted headboard and bench, paired with lavish bedding textiles, in effect create a welcoming and relaxing bedroom. The wall coatings also help visually cushion the space. Small details like matching floor and wall lamps add to the feeling of well-planned space.


These rooms and designs are very inspiration for ways of adding luxury to your home. All kinds of style elements have a place in luxury decor. Furnishings, accessories, as well as decor, can help convert a room from plain to posh. Luxury decor and furnishings can make your space more cosy and impressive.


At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. Of course, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.