Modern Bed Designs for your Stylish Bedroom

Be it in modern times or ancient times, Bedroom has always been that one special place which sets it apart from the other rooms in a house. Everyone sees their home to be a nice, relaxing place. Particularly, the bedroom is the only place that sets the tone, by and large, for your relaxation and rejuvenation. Anyone would love to keep their bedroom unique and special. Besides they also maintain it neat and try to keep it cool always. Of course, furniture is what which lends its own unique touch here in making your bedroom look way cooler and chicer. One can choose a range of modern bed designs from the Italian styled Furniture Products like the Elevate. Customers can handpick these designs that are in line with their taste and needs.

Modern bed designs

Select one of the Modern Bed Designs of your taste!

Can you give your bedroom that artistic and elegant touch with that finely crafted modern beds sporting designs of your taste? Exactly yes. Today’s modern furniture stores make it very much possible and feasible that you cannot leave your bedroom even after a sound sleep at night. Such is the finesse and décor that these modern bed designs come bedecked with!

Presenting here are some of the outstanding bed design ideas that make your bedroom look equally luxurious and stylish. The bed design that you choose will customize your sleep experience to an altogether different level, the one that you had never experienced before.

The soothingly warm Silk Bed

This type of bed is for those who love to have sweet dreams as they enjoy their sleep. With a unique headboard that features six diverse sections imbued with subtle architectural detailing, a silk bed is a modern platform bed at its core. A warm and soothing atmosphere is created as the ambient light makes its way through the headboard. There’s a timeless and refined appeal to the bed. Especially, given the way the bed and the headboard are crafted with the masterly design. 

The simple and cozy Evelyn Bed

With an entirely upholstered frame and headboard design, this bed is helpful in creating a contemporary and cozy yet simple bedroom setting. Simply put, one can rest easily on a modern Evelyn bed that is also available in various upholstery finishes. In turn, this allows one to sleep in style and comfort with the right finishing. 

The verily Classic Alpine Bed design 

 An instant classic that draws inspiration from classic sport gear like vintage tennis rackets is the durable and adorable Alpine bed. It is a magnificent modern bed which comprises 16 layers of North American maple hardwood together with a veneer. Overall, it’s a stalwart bed with amazing durability as it has fewer pieces with no major woodwork in weight-bearing areas. 

The Extraordinary Nelson Bed design 

 This modern bed designs is not something that everyday folks can ignore, at least. It is one such rare bed design that smoothly combines both the chic and fresh elements to stylize a bed. The headboard gives an impression of how the originality of contemporary design enters the picture. The headboard here integrates both materials of wood and leather, the contrast of which makes it a special, one-of-a-kind bed for you to sleep well.

The 8 Roomy Storage Platform Bed

This storage Platform Bed is a definition of the perfect marriage between form and function. It is 8 roomy with rolling drawers beneath the beautifully finished cum low laying walnut platform made of solid wood. This helps one to cut back clutter in the bedroom with a true minimalist aesthetic. As refined as it is understated, this modern bed has no extra additions or extraneous parts.

The unconventional Air Platform Bed

The Air platform bed is well defined by its offset headboard and avant-garde design. It has neat, geometrical lines that blend seamlessly with the warmth of oak wood veneer. Another eccentric feature about this bed is that the headboard extends itself beyond the bed width. Thus, it helps to create a great backdrop for your bedroom.

The Airy Trama Twist Bed design 

 Giving a light and airy feel with a touch of warmth, the Trama Twist bed will undeniably lure you into a world of lovely dreams. Uniquely designed with a luxurious, leather headboard and a bare frame, this bed embeds comfort and simplicity. This creates overall inviting and warm environs in one’s bedroom.

The so-badly Nice-looking Nook Bed

 Anybody can bet on this seriously good-looking bed, which is endowed with a curved, upholstered headboard that flows into a slim frame. The Nook bed is so stylish that one may not want to switch off their lights and go to sleep. It is a design that can sport in a variety of colors for one to choose.

The sleek & stylish Monroe Bed 

 Featuring clean lines with a well-designed footboard base, the Monroe bed has a rich Walnut veneer finishing. It lends the bed durability by delivering remarkable tranquility to any type of bedroom space.


We hope this blog unfogs your mind.  As it gives you an idea about the distinct modern bed designs and how they can change your bedroom for the better. All the above-mentioned models from various international boutique brands can be available at Elevate and Elevate X showrooms.