Modern Beds: Plush Bedrooms, Now A Luxury Bed Away

As a matter of fact, high-quality luxury modern beds spell out luxurious bedrooms. First of all, we must understand that the bed is the dominant piece of furniture in a bedroom. Hence, Modern Beds assume great importance in elevating the room ambience. They come to the rescue of otherwise ordinary décor.

Modern beds


We show you a few ways in which modern beds designs and luxury beds can amp up your living space:

Modern Beds, Sleigh It!

Gone are the days where people chose staid-looking beds over experimental designs. Infact, today’s bedrooms are an expression of creativity. Primarily, modern beds come in unique shapes and designs. One of these is the sleigh design, inspired by Santa’s sleigh. It is elegant and plush. Moreover, a sleigh bed adds a festive look to a bedroom. Thereby, it transforms the mood and vibe of the resting space.

Infact, low-slung sleigh beds, which have rid themselves of footboards, look minimalistic and chic. Alternatively, some modern bed designs choose to go easy on the high headboard look as well.

Colour Me A Colour, Baby

Furthermore, futuristic décor is slowly becoming the rage. As a result, the colours of the future: sparkly gold and silver add a glamorous touch to a bed. Infact, most modern beds have an option of gold and silver coating. However, make sure the colours are harmonious with your bedroom’s décor palette.

Incase you happen to lean towards the traditional, white and off-white are always safe. Additionally, most modern beds come in neutral tones of grey, white and matte black as well.

The Art of Texture

As a matter of fact, wood isn’t the only option. A lot of modern bed designs use wrought iron. Also, wrought iron exudes a metallic charm. In addition, you can play with headboards by creating a mesh within the material used.

Additionally, canopy and four-poster luxury beds are also gaining popularity. Alternatively, distressed and reclaimed wood has a style of their own.

Sometimes, Beauty Is Surface-Deep

Moreover, plush upholstery is a vital component of modern bed designs and luxury beds. Leather finished headboard rests and unconventional glass and concrete surfaces, are a treat to the eyes.

The Comfy Appeal of Luxe Bedding

Primarily, pillows radiate class and comfort. As a matter of fact, heavily pillowed, luxury beds carry a very posh aura about them. First of all, pillows should not lie inanimately in bed. Prop the cushions up against the headboard for a comfy feel. In addition, select a bedspread that reflects your style. Let go of the bedsheet+bedcover concept. Instead, opt for a comforter cum bedspread that you can simply tuck yourself under. As a matter of fact, this arrangement is very hotel-like.

Furthermore, it is always wise to invest in a good mattress for luxury beds.

Express Your Style

Primarily, your bedroom should recognise your style. Infact, a stylised bed can help achieve that. For example, you can chisel the platform of your bed into compartments for books. Alternatively, you can carve drawers out of the wood for a vintage look.

All things considered, modern beds are all about functionality, style and elegance. They can completely uplift the mood and stature of your resting space.