Premium Wardrobe Designs at ElevateX

The wardrobe is one of the most important furniture pieces in a bedroom, second only to the bed. Everybody has their own thought of having the perfect wardrobe. Some prefer a bare minimum, while others want to have massive and premium wardrobes. Luckily, there are enough choices to satisfy all our needs for organizing, storage, and aesthetics. A well designed modern and premium wardrobe can double your space utilization while giving your home that contemporary European look.

Wardrobe Designs

Here’s an overview of some of the types of a premium wardrobe. Find out which one of these will suit your needs.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes are a recent take on the classic hinge door wardrobe styles. With changing times and in order to have a non-fussy style of “almirah”, it is the best choice with a contemporary look. As per the available width, sliding door wardrobes can be designed with two, three or four doors. The sliding doors glide smoothly on a track.

Also, for effective use of the bedroom space, this is the best choice, as it occupies less space. No more pull-out wardrobe doors on hinges. This enables for more free space in the room. The sliding doors have various types of sliding systems and with a variety of materials creating endless possibilities.

Hinge Door Wardrobe

Hinge Door Wardrobes are the most familiar and traditional types of wardrobes. It’s very simple in design and opens with a hinged door. With a variety of colours in different textures and finishes, one can easily find an ideal choice of this premium wardrobe to go with the décor of one’s room.

L-Shaped Wardrobe

L-shaped wardrobes are also popular as “Corner Wardrobes”.  So they can be the ideal solution for the maximum utilization of a bedroom corner. They utilise the corners of the room which generally are otherwise wasted space. The sliding doors (usually the most preferred door style) for such fitted L-shaped wardrobe confers great style as well as storage potential, making it a popular choice.


Walk-in wardrobes are the dream wardrobe for most of us, but only a lucky few can afford it. They are the peaks in luxury with massive storage space for clothes and other accessories. Coupled with organizing accessories, they offer a great prospect for creating a highly organized space. A well-designed space for everything. For fashion-conscious people who love to collect a variety of lavish items, it is the ideal choice.

A customary walk-in-wardrobe will have hanging and storage space on all three sides. It works best if you have an unused room or a good amount of spare space which then gets separated with another pair of doors making it an ideal walk-in-closet. As many aspire for it, this is a good value option with marginal extra cost.

Wardrobe with a Mezzanine Loft

Due to the inclined nature of the mezzanine loft roof, it can be difficult to find appropriate wardrobe designs for loft or attic rooms. However, with some clever inventiveness and sliding doors styling one can find the ideal mezzanine loft storage solution, thus making great use of the otherwise dead space beneath the mezzanine loft roof. Sloped Wardrobe

Sloping wardrobe doors are the best solution for attic bedrooms, sloped ceilings and under the stairs. They offer a versatile way of creating valuable storage space. For example, under a staircase, hence making the most of an otherwise wasted space.

At Elevate, and Elevate X, we go all-out to take finesse a few notches elevated. Our purpose is to breathe pure aesthetic pleasure into the canvas of your enclosure. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your living space becomes an expansion of your personality.