Study Table Designs for Stylish Homes!

Learning and studying is an integral part of one’s growth. However, this learning starts at home – a fact that surprises many. Home is a place not just for academic learning. One may learn anything if they put their heart into it. In this context, a study table naturally invites you to study ala a dining table that talks about eating. These tables can be placed in almost any room except kitchens or dining rooms.


Study Table designs


However, what makes the learning at a study table more fascinating and comfortable is the way the table is designed. Of course, when it comes to a study tables design it is the ergonomics that matter more than the aesthetics. Aesthetics can only enhance your interest to study near a study tables for more time but it is ergonomics which ensure you study every time at that table only on top of all other places and things.

Study Table Types

The idea of a study table is to create a convenient workspace, particularly in a home or a library. By choosing an appropriate computer/laptop table besides comfortable and ergonomic study/office chairs, you create a workspace of your own. Needless to say, a gorgeous bookshelf will complete your study set once you have finalized on the above items. Though, there are loads of listings for a study tables online, it still makes sense to read a blog or two about how to pick a nice and ergonomic study table design from the given lot that fulfills your need to study well and for long time.

Study Table designs for a studious person

A study tables once purchased can go on for many years. Hence, it is imperative to select a proper design that matches the studiousness in you devoid of any dubiousness.

Here are some of the best ergonomic study table designs in vogue today. These are not only comfortable but can even enhance the style quotient, for they are equally modern.

The Compact Study Table

This study table has a precise geometric design with a simple elegance to it given the restraint in its color. The economy in its design makes it easily fit into different spaces while still carrying the essence of modernity. You can also add more storage space with its wall-mounted shelves without going too heavy in its look and style.

The Classic Study Table

A classic study tables design that is delightfully easy on the eye. It is basically a light-coloured study tables with wood finishing that throws a mix of contemporary yet simple styling.  It is classified to be a classic table as the desk is equipped with handy drawers while the open shelves provide plenty of storage space for books, papers and related stuff. On the other side, it is also contemporary as it provides easy access. This type of structure fits nicely into a niche space. This makes it a cozy cum convenient work-from-home choice.

The Study Table for Multi-use

 Don’t you wish your study tables be placed beside an entertainment unit in the living room or bed room? If you are focused, it doesn’t matter how or where your study table is located. This is a multi-use study tables design that is perfect for your bedroom as it uses the wall fully with storage shelves along with some space to house your non-study materials like the home theatre system, books, articles, and more. Another stand-out feature of this design is its non-invasive style with neutral wood tones and clearly demarked lines that comply well with your living spaces. 

The Office at Home Study Table 

 Many of us tend to bring work to home, even we like it or not. This prompts to create a mini-office setting in our premises and naturally a study table fits well into this picture. Sporting a style that’s predominantly space-saving minimalist, the home office study tables has storage space aplenty. It also has all the needed shelves and drawers as well as a cupboard. Simply put, this little home-office won’t invade your personal space as it segregates your work life in a separate zone.

The Asymmetrically Colourful Study Table

Making a bold style statement with its quirky touch of colours, this design keeps the unit functional while being eye-catchy. The reason it is high on style statement is because of the contrasting colours with your existing room furniture. The minimalistic design along with the colorful asymmetry not only lends style to this study tables, but keeps it from getting really heavy.


We hope this blog unfogs your mind.  As it gives you an idea about the distinct designs of a study table and how they can change your bedroom for the better. All the above-mentioned models from various international boutique brands can be available at Elevate and Elevate X showrooms.