Home Interior Design: A Small Shift from Ordinary To Magical

As a matter of fact, the best things come in small packages. Actually, as the saying goes, ‘’Small things done in strategic places, create major impact.’’ It is true that there is nothing like an overnight transformation. However, when tiny changes combine, they create a new realm all together. Thereby, the same follows suit for home interior designs too.

Home Interior Design

The best part about small home interior changes is they can be redone easily. Transformation does not always have to be a drastic makeover. We show you how:

Let There Be Light

First and foremost, lighting goes a long way in changing the mood of a room. Infact, the best designers advise that you should avoid one major lighting fixture. Instead, spread it out. Ensure you have lights in all corners of the room. Further, mix it up with ceiling and floor lights. Next, try to incorporate various styles of lighting in your Home Interior Designs. These include natural, accent and task.

Primarily, accent light highlights a particular object. On the contrary, ambient light illuminates an entire space. Further, task lights are function-oriented. It is sensible to play around with all these types. Also, regular fixtures are boring. Instead, opt for statement shapes and Home interior designs. As a matter of fact, when you fill in the gaps of darkness, the difference you see will be enlightening!

Home Interior Designs Style The Surfaces

Second, it is crucial that your surface furniture make a statement. As a result, ensure that you personalise your coffee tables and sideboards, for quality home interior design. Use quirky table covers and mats or alternate your arrangements!  For example, marble slabs on wooden tables look vintage and polished. Additionally, the accessories you put on top add their two-bit.

Less is More

 Next, home interior design thrives on space. The best way to create space, is to declutter. Infact, most designers suggest beginning from the bedroom. It is wise to donate or pack away unnecessary decorative items. Further, the arrangement of furniture is a deciding factor. Also, chunky furniture can make a room appear smaller than it is. Hence, the key would be to choose petite pieces. Next, lay them out in a way that does not choke the scale of the room.

Home Interior Designs Tapestry of Change

 Further, a quick change for home interior design is to experiment with window treatments. For example, some people like to follow the style of the season. For winter, they go for merlots and velvets. On the other hand, summer sees a lot of white lace and satin.

Additionally, the same applies to upholstery. Infact, sofa fabric should be changed every twice a year, at minimum.


Next, one of the best ways to add interest in home interior design is using accessories. Play with textures. For example, you can have accent pillows in varying fabrics and hues. Alternatively, opt for decorations that reflect your style. Stained glass, metal, filigree what have you. Make sure you use a variety of materials that look and feel distinct.

The W Word

Finally, an accent wall can work wonders in room transformation. Infact, a pop of colour can create excitement within home interior design. Although, an accent wall comes with some rules that you must follow. First, it should highlight a focal point. Second, an accent wall does not have to be a gaudy colour. Instead, you can experiment with textures such as leather. Also, wallpaper can come to the rescue in case you are out of options.

Home Interior Design: A Worthy Investment

The place you live in is reflective of your style and ultimately, yourself. Would you not like to come home to a place that feels like home to you?  In order to accomplish the same, Home interior design comes into play.

Home interior design


First of all, interior design is separate from decoration. Its main aim to establish a functional, efficient and attractive internal space.

Here are some of the reasons we believe in the power of good interior design:

Harmony And Alignment

 It is important to understand the space of a house in its entirety. Consequently, it is vital to establish communication and a sense of oneness between separate compartments using staircases and or wall partitions. Nonetheless, every room is going to be different. However, the various compartments in your house must be complementary.

Home interior design aims at making this alignment possible. First of all, the design of every home begins with a storyline. Every element in interior design must be congruent to the other. Similarly, choosing a harmonious colour palette also assumes importance for the best interior design.

A Balanced Approach

Balanced approaches are helpful in elevating the alignment of your interiors. As a result, you can divide the bulk of your home space proportionately. Often we see homes that look chaotic, despite being big. Interior design can transform the smallest space to look roomy. As a matter of fact, symmetry is pleasing to the human eye. However, we can create a sense of balance using asymmetry. For a symmetrical design, you need to place similar materials parallel. For asymmetrical, but congruent interiors, you need to make the best of similarities between contrasting materials. In fact, the best home interior design gives you keen insights into achieving the above.

Centre of Attention

Furthermore, interior design is all about creating a focal point. This way, you decide the main area of your interiors. Thereby, the less important elements rotate around this central point.

Focal point is essential in determining the best layout. Inarguably, the creation of a central area of interest is the cornerstone of home interior design.

A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

The positivity of living in a well-balanced space is unmatched. With home interior design, you can rest assured that your place is elegant and appealing.  Furthermore, harmony between distinct spaces allows for a generous flow of good energy.

Home Interior design Efficiency

Home interior design makes your house efficient in terms of windows, doors, light fixtures and flooring. Furthermore, making your home energy-efficient can save you tons of money. Besides, it can also contribute to the environment and ensure a green space!

The Angel Is In The Details

Interior design considers the minutest details. The best home interior design is not just about form and structure, but about beautifying your home with the right furnishings and lighting.

Good interiors include good furniture. You may have the perfectly designed space ruined by the wrong pieces. Home interiors look into this aspect of décor as well. Moreover, interior design can help you decide colour combinations that are both sensible and pleasant for the ambience.

Ultimately, interior design is not a luxury. It is a necessity. For the best interior design, visit the Elevate

Exploring history through interior design

In the early days, interior design was a little known concept. What seems obvious today was not so back in the day. The art of using design while decorating homes first originated in the early 70s. While this may be the first accurate history of interior design, the first signs go way back to pre-historic human dwellings.

Interior Design Services

Civilization began with interior design

While the primitive man may have been more focused on usage rather than decoration, there is still strong evidence to show that they decorated their huts with artifacts. Pieces like pottery decorated with paint and sea shells were found that proved this fact.

As the years moved, people were able to work with different ways of decorating their homes. The Romans were amongst the first to show case their wealth in the form of grand interiors for their palaces. Soft furnishings with stylish feet were a typical interior design element that could be seen in most Roman homes.
The Dark Ages came shortly after and this was a sad time for interior design. Wooden flooring, dark interiors and basic designs constituted most of the designs during this period.

The revival of interior design

The time after the Dark Ages saw a massive turn around when it came to design. Large paintings and beautiful decorations with more than a hint of beauty were the norm of day. The regular influences of architecture and design that we see in most design elements has been derived after this period.

Evolved through the ages, the current trend we look towards right now is what we draw most of our influences from. People have now realized that they can form their own tastes and styles when it comes to designing their homes.

Ornate decorations interposed with classic furnishings are a regular setting in most traditional homes now. Interior design is taken extremely seriously and there’s a very obvious love for a fusion of the different trends through the ages.

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