The best mattress for a good night’s sleep

Along with food and water, sleep is one of the most important things in any person’s life. Not only does it refresh you, but it is also crucial to maintaining your health. For this, Elevate provides you with top quality designer fittings that will not only allow you to have a good night’s sleep you deserve, but also give you more beautiful things to look at when you wake up every morning. Elevate stocks luxury bedroom furniture from internationally reputed and respected brands such as Ego Design, and the Italian powerhouse Santarossa. And, of course, no bedroom is complete without a mattress to rest on, so Elevate also gives you a chance to experience the American brand Sealy for yourself.

World's No. 1 mattress brand, Sealy now introduces its Posturepedic range.
World’s No. 1 mattress brand, Sealy now introduces its Posturepedic range.

What goes into making the average bedroom?

While the average Eastern taste (as far as the bedroom is concerned) over history has tended towards the ornate for the most part, the West affords more merit to simplicity and form than opulence. Elevate recognises the fact that in today’s world, appearances matter as much as functionality, and, combining the tradition of simplicity and function with the lush tastes of our native land, opts for the masters of the furnishing craft that bring together both ornate form and utterly practical function to create the best possible product.

While the bed is the most obvious piece of furniture one would expect, we like to cover all our bases. More and more builders are choosing to go with this model, and the typical bedroom in houses and flats today (be it a high rise or a complex of bungalows or villas) comes with a bed, closet, nightstand, dresser and a desk and chair.

The choices at hand

The options available to you are many. Both Santarossa and Ego Design offer comprehensive solutions in terms of bedroom fittings, with beds in different sizes, closets, chairs, desks and so on. Elevate Wardrobes is another brand option if you would like to have a modular wardrobe fitted in your bedroom rather than having a closet. Both the modular wardrobe and the closet could be like an armoire, or the walk-in style – which gives you more space to store your clothes and personal items in.

These brands combine modularity with design to give you bedroom fittings that range from simple to elaborate, classic to modern, even futuristic if your house or bedroom is designed that way. Luxury furniture can be both bespoke and premade for your convenience.

Sleep great with Sealy

For you to have the best rest possible, we have partnered with one of the oldest brands of mattresses in the world: the American giant, Sealy, which has made its way not only to the highest station in that country, but also to beds of happy customers around the world. Sealy mattresses are available in multiple sizes, materials and designs – even for pets and children. Whether you’re fitting your own bedroom, a guest room or nursery, the innovative Sealy has a mattress that you can use for just the purpose for an unmatched sleeping experience.