Stylish sofas that speak volumes about you better than mere words can

Whether you call it a sofa or couch, this piece of home furniture has a hoary past. It’s history can be traced back to a couple of millennia to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2000-1700 BCE)!

stylish sofas

Lost and found

The word ‘sofa’ itself is likely derived from ‘suf’, the Arabic word for ‘wool’. In the beginning, sofas were beyond the reach of commoners and were reserved for the royal families, nobles, and the elite. For a millennium right up until about 400 years ago, the sofa was virtually forgotten in the upheaval that followed the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The sofa is a prime example of humanity’s preoccupation with comfort and leisure. Its “rediscovery” subsequently sparked a wave of renewed and democratised interest that eventually led to it being embraced by the masses. Today, regardless of whether you are well-to-do or comprise the vast middle class, the sofa is a must-have piece of furniture for your living room.

Elevate’s range of stylish sofas

Natuzzi is one of a few handpicked furniture brands showcased at Elevate, the luxury products arm of the Khazana Group, Hyderabad’s leading furniture company.

The Natuzzi range includes several types of stylish sofa made in and imported from Italy. Featuring premium leather, the sofas are contemporary in design and offer exquisite comfort. The colour palette celebrates explicit, warm tones.

The Natuzzi range includes standard sofas, full reclining sofas, standard cum full reclining sofas, sofas featuring high-grade stainless steel legs, low-back sofas, corner sofas, curved sofas, sectional sofas, ottoman & chaise cushion sofas and loveseat sofas.

The Natuzzi range of furniture comprising stylish sofas is available under the ‘Editions’ marquee.

Erna is another brand of luxury stylish sofas available at Elevate. Exemplifying cutting-edge chic, Erna sofas are an ode to elegance. Stunning, pure design aesthetics underscore Erna’s bold combinations of colour, style and design highlight. Flaunting impeccable upholstery, Erna sofas make use of premium leather that can be completely stripped and easily cleaned.